Book Review: Scott Prussing’s Breathless


Click on the image to open the book's Goodreads page.

Click on the image to open the book’s Goodreads page.

Title: Breathless
Author: Scott Prussing
Published: March 27, 2011
Publisher: Scott Prussing Publishing
Format: Kindle edition
Series: The Blue Fire Saga
Acquisition: Free Download on Amazon

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Weston College freshman Leesa Nyland has been fascinated by vampires since she was three years old. That’s when her mom started acting weird, insisting sunlight hurt her skin because she’d been bitten by a one-fanged vampire.
But fascinated doesn’t mean Leesa believes. Any more than she believes in blue fire, people who live for centuries, and kisses that can kill. But when her beloved older brother suddenly disappears, she is forced to consider all these and more. She also has to figure out what to do about her mysterious new boyfriend. She knows Rave likes her a lot-so why won’t he kiss her? And why is he always talking about vampires?
As Leesa draws closer to finding her brother, she faces some gut-wrenching decisions. Should she risk her mom’s life trying to “cure” her? Should she continue seeing Rave, after he reveals his dangerous secret? And most terrifying of all, should she make the ultimate sacrifice-give up her humanity-to save her brother?

This book is part of this month’s Random Reads. I got this free from Amazon recently.

*SPOILER ALERT* Parts of the plot may be lightly discussed in this review.

I think this has been my first vampire novel. Well, it’s not really just about vampires, but they’re one part of the story. The beginning was pretty interesting. It starts with Leesa’s mother being bitten by a one-fanged vampire. I think that part was pretty interesting, because you don’t really encounter a lot of imperfect vampires. And because it was an imperfect vampire, Leesa’s mother didn’t really fully become a vampire. She merely had a few symptoms, which leads to Leesa’s interest in learning more about them. But there’s more to this story. Leesa meets Rave – a volkaane. Volkaanes are vampire hunters with supernatural blue fire powers that they use to burn the vampires from the inside out. Sounds good so far? Well, it’s not all so topsy-turvy.

There are very few paranormal romance books that work for me, and this was not one of them. It was just plain weird. I just cannot wrap my head around the idea of liking or loving some of these supernatural creatures. I do not like the idea of kissing the undead (vampires or zombies), kissing dogs (werewolves); and in this series, kissing a volkaane. Now this one was one of the strangest things I have encountered so far. The weird part is that volkaanes need to kiss the vampires to kill them. When I encountered this part: “[Rave] pressing his open mouth over its nose and mouth,” I was like “Say what?!” I mean seriously. How am I supposed to believe in this romance. The whole time my mind kept telling me “This guy kissed a lot of vampires. This guy kissed a lot of vampires. This guy kissed a lot of vampires.” And oh, it gets worse. Rave’s kisses can kill so he badly needs to control his urges, but of course he couldn’t.  So what do they do? They make an old man watch them to stop them when necessary. Seriously?! I mean seriously?! Why are you making this old man watch you make out. Just no. No. No. No.

This book reminds me a little of Twilight. I never really read the books, but I saw the movies so I know the basic gist of it. There were the clans for the vampires, and there were the clans for the volkaanes (instead of werewolves). And it just so happens that the volkaanes were like Amerindians, too. They are mortal enemies and they live near each other, but they don’t bother to get near each other to keep the peace or something like that. Then we have Rave – the mysterious, good-looking guy (who is too old for the girl) – that draws the attention of the new girl, Leesa. It just so happens that her new friend/s live in the area and have heard rumors about Rave’s kind. They warn her to stay away, but of course she doesn’t. She also finds out that he is really dangerous, but that doesn’t stop her. She even saw with her own two eyes what volkaanes could do. But no, love blinds people, and makes them do all kinds of things.

There’s a lot going on in this book, and probably in the whole series. As I read along, I would follow the story and forget some of the details. And when they come up again, I’m like “Oh, yeah. The story has that part.” I read the synopses for the 4 books that follows this one, and I found out that there’s a lot more to come. I’m not sure if that would work. It just feels like there’s no real direction to the whole thing. I don’t really know if I’ll find out because I don’t plan to read the sequels any time soon. I guess this prevents the whole story to achieve a good build up. Some things just don’t tie together so well. That’s what I think at least.

One last thing, the humor and the ending just fell flat for me. Now, I won’t really talk about the ending because I don’t want to spoil it (if it can even be considered spoiling). It just felt a little lacking. Fot the humor, it felt like he was trying too hard. I did not really laugh at the intended humor. At times, I would be slightly amused, but that’s it. The funny thing is that he is tooting his own horn. Every time he made a joke, the next sentence would always be the laughter that follows. It’s like he has his own laugh track or canned laughter. It felt like “Oh, here. A joke. Laugh.”

OVERALL, it wasn’t that bad of a read, I think. Maybe it just wasn’t for me. It’s good enough for a free book, though. I was mildly entertained.




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  • This is all based on personal opinion, and as much as I’m open to other people’s opinions, I hope you understand that this is based on what I feel. I avoid giving out spoilers as much as possible, too.
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