Tears-stained Treats


Building with Books: Building my dream house of books one book (or more) at a time~


Tear-stained Treats: These are tears of a touched person.

Today, 3 things happened to me that made my heart melt. One, I had to say goodbye to my students because I needed to change shifts at work. (I teach English to Korean children and teens) One of them gave me a teary or crying emoticon on Skype. That melts my heart. He was one of my favorite students, too. Two, they celebrated my birthday at work (with 2 other people) even though it was days ago. We had pizza, cake, and soda. Yum! Three, mum talked to me about my recent break-up and she hugged me and shed tears for me (which in turn made me cry), and she called him selfish and stupid. But enough of the drama. Let’s go to what I bought today~ 11 books. 11 – my favorite number. Some of these books have touching moments too~

Links to Amazon~ A couple of them are on SALE at discounted prices so check them out~

My Kelly Oram Spree (Because I love her writing, and yes, I bought all her current books in one go):

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  1. Being Jamie Baker
  2. Serial Hottie
  3. V is for Virgin
  4. The Avery Shaw Experiment
  5. Chameleon

Cora Carmack Spree (I’m not a big fan of New Adult books, but there are exceptions. Cora Carmack was entertaining in Losing It. I hope her other books won’t disappoint)

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  1. Losing It
  2. Faking It
  3. Losing Her (Pre-order. Because I love Garrick)

by J. Lynn (another exception to the NA madness, if I remember correctly)


  1. Wait for You

by Jasinda Wilder (because it was pretty okay and it was only $0.99 and I mistook it for something else)


  1. Falling Into You

and lastly, by J.A. Redmerski


  1. Killing Sarai (because I’ve been reading good stuff about it)

That’s all. I’ve maxed out my card again so I’m not sure when will be my next shopping spree. What did you get? 😀

I am an insatiable book hoarder,


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