Book people are good people


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I was talking to my brother about how book bloggers (or people who are into books in general) have been so nice to me or how people have responded so kindly to the things that I have posted on this blog. I’ve had a lot (well not really a LOT, but still) of people like, comment, and follow me. It just feels really nice because I don’t easily make friends with people. I feel most comfortable alone with my books because I can’t really talk to my friends about them. And then I find all these people over the internet who I could easily talk to. Even nicer, they talk to me, too. So if you’re reading this, thank you.

Anyway, the reason for my title is my brother as I was saying earlier. That was what he said. “Book people are good people. They read. They’re smart.” And I guess a lot really are. They are able to create their own good opinions about books or the human condition or other things. Books allow for us to immerse in different thoughts which in turn broadens our horizons. You won’t see most book people being rude with their comments or whatnot, especially the ones who are well-read. But that is also subjective. In the end, I think that it’s good to be friends with book people because they are most often smart, kind, generous, and open-minded. What do you think?

I’m making my mind wander~


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4 thoughts on “Book people are good people

    • I do not really generalize it to everyone. That’s why I used “most.” People will hate you for no apparent reason. That happens. It doesn’t mean you have to take it to heart though. But I’m mostly a positive person so I don’t speak for everybody. My personal experiences shape up my own thoughts and I haven’t really experienced hate from a lot of people.

  1. I would have to say I have found book bloggers/ posters/ people on Goodreads to be very kind, respectful, and friendly. In real life, I don’t know many people who read and I have met some really nasty mean people so I tend to agree with you 🙂

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