Random Ramblings: A Wonderful Day for Summer Lovin’


Random Ramblings: Talking about random thoughts on books, blogging, myself, the world, etc. Anything under the sun~


As part of the Summer Lovin’ Read-a-thon, we have the Bingo event, and one of the activities was “Do something outside if you can – read, walk, hike, play with kids, anything!” This one was pretty easy because I go outside a lot. The really good thing I did today was my walk to the train station. It was just wonderful outside. It was cloudy because it recently rained, and the weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cold. I just loved it. While I was walking, I did a lot of thinking – about books, the blog, friends, etc. And at one point, I lost my thoughts and stopped at the number 18. I don’t really know what I was thinking about and how this number was important to me. It’s quite troubling. What if it was the answer to the universe?! But anyway, it was all really nice. We don’t get that kind of weather a lot in the city. I was able to wear long sleeves and my trusty 8-year-old boots comfortably.

Today has been a good day so far. I have made a lot of progress with my reading of Poison by Bridget Zinn, which I will be using for the today’s Participation Post: “Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee” because I like Kyra and it’s one of my recent reads. I like a lot of female characters so I took the easy way out and choose the one on my re-read list. I also made progress on my reading of Unpredictable by Eileen Cook, which is part of my Summer Lovin’ Goals. I also read the page I will be using for today’s Challeng Post: “Page 99 Test” and it’s really good and it makes me excited. More on those later. Overall, it has been a really good day so far. I cannot wait to get out of work to continue the read-a-thon! 🙂

Feeling good~


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