Reading Resolve: Netgalley Novels


Reading Resolve: Setting my goals on the books I want to finish reading during the week.


For July 15-21: So I’ve been reading a lot about Netgalley, and I decided to try it out. I got 6 books, and 1 chapter sampler from the site, and I plan to read and review all of them within the week. 5 of the 7 are available for reading to all members of the site. Ink by Amanda Sun and The Truth about You and Me by Amanda Grace requires approval (I’m actually surprised I got approval). I’ve been seeing Ink and The Edge of Never around so I am curious about them. I want Unhinged because I love Splintered. The others just looked good so I tried them out.



  1. A Really Awesome Mess by Trish Cook and Brendan Halpin
  2. Ink by Amanda Sun (UK Edition)
  3. Saving Wishes by G.J. Walker-Smith
  4. The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski
  5. The Truth About You and Me by Amanda Grace (Mandy Hubbard)
  6. Undertaking Love by Kat French
  7. Unhinged (Chapter Sampler) by A.G. Howard

Also to read this week:

17722 11831548

  1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (This week’s Classics Read)
  2. What Stays in Vegas by Beth Labonte (This week’s Random Read)

TOTAL: 8 Books and 1 Chapter Sampler

That is a LOT to take on~ Wish me luck! If I don’t finish, I might extend this until next week~ What are you reading this week? 🙂


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