Free eRead-a-thon

Uk72Wx0Hosted by Consuming Worlds & Literary, etc

The Free eRead-a-thon is a very low pressure event that begins on Sunday, August 11th and ends on Saturday, August 17th in your location. The best part? No money involved! The goal of Free eRead-a-thon is to tackle those free downloads we all have on our Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, etc. The schedule includes a few challenges, a Twitter chat or two and throughout the read-a-thon there will be prizes awarded. Anyone can join in on the fun even if you don’t have a blog.


I think this is a great opportunity to start lessening some of the hundreds I have stored up. I was planning to do something like this for a whole month just to read all those books, but I don’t think I’d have the strength, especially if a lot of the books aren’t properly written or there are a lot of typographical errors. This is a great opportunity to boost up really great indie authors though. A lot of the ebooks I downloaded look really great, I hope the content is just as good. So there~ This starts soon. 😀


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