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I think a lot of us already answered this – Hardcover, Paperback, or Ebook?

For me, I go for all of them, but my favorite would be Hardcover. I just LOVE how it looks like and the binding is perfect for reading. However, my problem with Hardcovers is that they can be way too heavy, bulky, and expensive. I love seeing them on my bookshelf and reading them at home, but they are hard to carry around everywhere. Also, I don’t really have a lot of money so I usually opt for the paperback or ebook copies. If I did, I would definitely go with Hardcovers.

My go-to format is always the Paperback. It’s cheap and light, and I can touch it and smell it. Most of my books are Paperbacks. Mass Market books are pretty great because they’re really cheap and small. The only problem is that you’ll need to crack the spine to read comfortably. Trade Paperbacks almost have the same ease as Hardcovers, but there’s still a possibility of cracking the spine. Sometimes my OC side doesn’t like that, but my bookworm side says it shows your book is loved. Well, I don’t really know. All in all, I’m definitely a Paperback person.

I was the kind of person who didn’t like the idea of ebooks. In my mind, I was like “Who would want that? You can’t touch it or smell it.” But when I found out that you can download lots of books for free or at a lower price, I was pretty much sold~ I use the Amazon Kindle App for my phone, and I have hundreds of books loaded into it, and about 80-90% of the books were downloaded for free. I also love how convenient it is because you can bring tons of books in this one, light device. You can also put highlights and notes, search words, find words in the dictionary. It’s awesome. Of course, it feels different. But as long as I can read the book then I’m good with it. Plus a lot of ebooks are cheap, and some books, especially indie ones, are only available through that format. If I were richer, I’d definitely buy a Kindle.

All in all, it doesn’t always really matter which one you choose. I think that the content is really the important thing here. I love all formats really, and sometimes, when the book is really good, I buy different formats for that one book. It’s all about the content. Just keep reading~


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3 thoughts on “Favorite Format

  1. For books I’ve read and loved, I like getting them in hardbacks. They just look so pretty on my shelf, but I do agree that they’re expensive and hard to carry around. However, I’m not opposed to buying hardbacks at a discount. 😉

    For on the go, I like to use my e-ink kindle or read trade paperbacks. They’re lightweight, cheaper (paperbacks and ebooks) and convenient. I’ve tried reading on tablets, but they eventually hurt my eyes.

    But you’re right, it’s all about the content. If Dory from Finding could read, she’d sing, “♪ Just keeping reading, just keeping reading, just keep reading, reading, reading. ♪”

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