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So the other day, my dad gave me a box of HELP ME Bookmarks, and I think they are just adorable. It’s like a tiny person got stuck in between your books~ I’m not fond of yellow or orange though so I only plan on keeping the violet one. Which leads to the next order of business~


I would like to introduce this new little project of mine. I don’t know why, but I love giving out gifts to people. So I came up with the Bookish Benefaction project here on my blog. It’s quite simple. You sign up, and I send you something. And those two bookmarks are just some examples of things I plan to give away. I might post some other nice things when I find them. But the mechanics for this project is not set in stone so we’ll just go with the flow of things. For more details, click on the banner below~


That’s all for now~


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