Reading Resolve: Free eReadathom / Random Reads


(Hosted by Consuming Worlds & Literary, etc)

rresReading Resolve: Setting my goals on the books I want to finish reading during the week.

ARC-August-BannerAugust 11-17: The Free eReadathon starts today, and I have 100-200 books/novellas that I can choose from. I’m not quite sure how to handle them, but I might end up just choosing randomly or choosing the ones with really pretty covers. I will also sneak in some of my ARC August goals because I really want to finish a lot of them~

I really really want to read a lot this week, and I hope that I would be in the mood to do so. I might actually end up DNF-ing some eReadathon books if they’re not so good, which I’ve never done before. But these books were free anyway so I probably won’t feel so sorry.

Oh, and a lot of my posts this week would probably have a lot to do with free ebooks in the spirit of this readathon~ Expect to see my top ten favorite freebies, a free pre-order book, my list of highs and lows with free ebooks, and at the end of the week, I will search for some good-looking free books to share with everyone~ I think there will be some challenge posts too or whatever the hosts have planned.

I have a LOT of ebooks, but here are my top choices (in no particular order) based on their beautiful covers alone. (I seem to like women on my covers) They link to their Amazon pages, but not all of them are free anymore.

8699839 9515613 11700785 13221136 13543899 16649837 17226481 17453243 17454142 17609789 17656620 18222157

I also really like the cover for Nerissa The Forgotten Siren by Lainy Lane, but it is strangely not on Amazon anymore so there is no link for that.


Below you will find a wall of photos of the books that I downloaded for free into my Kindle App. I will not include links and titles because that’s more than a hundred!

SC20130808-213342 SC20130808-213350 SC20130808-213356 SC20130808-213404 SC20130808-213410 SC20130808-213426 SC20130808-213432 SC20130808-213438 SC20130808-213445 SC20130808-213452 SC20130808-213500 SC20130808-213507 SC20130808-213513 SC20130808-213519 SC20130808-213532 SC20130808-213554 SC20130808-213600 SC20130808-213606 SC20130808-213612 SC20130808-213617 SC20130808-213622 SC20130808-213628 SC20130808-213635 SC20130808-213642 SC20130808-213651 SC20130808-213657 SC20130808-213702 SC20130808-213709 SC20130808-213714 SC20130808-213722


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8 thoughts on “Reading Resolve: Free eReadathom / Random Reads

  1. I have a thing for downloading free ebooks on Amazon too! My Kindle app has tons of free ebooks and I don’t thikn I have the time to read them all but I just can’t help downloading them, after all, they’re free.
    I have read Deer in Headlights by Staci Hart and it’s a great book, I highy reccomend it 😀

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