Weekly Wrap-up: August 5-11


I will just start out by saying that the first few days of the week were awful for me because I was suffering from terrible mood swings. It’s a girl thing. I was supposed to read a lot of eARCS this week, but I was feeling a little depressed and I soon found myself complaining to myself that I terribly miss my paperbacks and hardcovers. However, 1 Mars chocolate bar and a couple of blog hops later, I found myself ready to brave a few digital copies. I didn’t really read a lot though (except for various blog posts). For the week, I was able to write 4 reviews from books I read the previous week, and I was able to read 2 books and review 1. I did really bad, but I’m feeling so much better and I hope this week will be better~

What I read:
(Links lead to reviews written this week. Other reviews may be posted in following weeks)


  1. Sometimes Never, Sometimes Always by Elissa Janine Hoole (1.5-★ Review~)
  2. Silevethiel by Andi O’connor

Other reviews this week :
(From previous reads)


  1. Mind Games by Kiersten White (3.5-★ Review~)
  2. The Unearthly by Laura Thalassa (4.5-★ Review~)
  3. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum (4.5-★ Review~)
  4. The Unicorn Girl by M.L. LeGette (4-★ Review~)

Other Posts this week:

  1. Reading Resolve: ARC August – where I show the eARCS that I should read and review (I was supposed to finish them all this week, but I didn’t so I might use up the whole of August to finsihs them all one by one~)
  2. Top Ten: Series Starters – where I show my favorite first books in a series
  3. Wanting & Waiting: Enders by Lissa Price – where I show a book I’ve been waiting for for so long!
  4. Random Ramblings: New Blog Design – where I talk about how I changed/fixed my blog over the week (which is mostly what I did because I wasn’t in the mood for reading during the first half of the week)
  5. Random Ramblings: Favorite Format – where I talk about Hardcovers, Paperbacks, and eBooks
  6. Random Ramblings: HELP ME / Bookish Benefaction – where I show off my new bookmark and a new blog feature~
  7. Building with Books: Secondhand Stuff – where I show off secondhand books that I got for low prices




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