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Building with Books: Building my dream house of books one book (or more) at a time~


So in the spirit of the Free eReadathon that I am participating in this book, I wanted to feature some free ebooks. But that would take a lot of work so I will do the next best thing. I will show the sites where I lurk around to get those awesome free ebooks. Now here are the top sites I use. Other free ebooks I simply find through my Facebook and Twitter feed so it’s great to follow a couple of authors and book bloggers. These are for Kindle though.

  • One Hundred Free Books – This one is my favorite because there are lots to choose from and they update regularly
  • Feed Your Reader – This one is really great because they feature discounted books as well as free books, and they review some of the books too.
  • BookBub – This one also features both free and discounted books.

So there. Does anyone else know other helpful sites out there?


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