Free eRead-a-thon Spine Poetry Challenge & Update


Yell@Consuming Worlds is hosting today’s challenge with the following rules:

Using the books on your shelf (any number of books) create a poem using the title’s of each book. How can you create a poem with just title’s you ask? Well then allow me explain, for every book you use in your poem you get to add a word that is not in any of your titles. For example, if you create a poem using 7 books, you can add 7 additional words. It is all up to you!



Starcrossed Legend

Golden Insignia
Through the Ever Night
For Darkness Shows the Stars

Unraveling Firelight
Reckless Crash

There~ I don’t know if that makes any sense. Does it? Erm.. Haha!



18222157Book Read: Sugar & Squall
Author: J. Round
Pages Read: 208
Genre: YA, Romance, Mystery
Find it on: Goodreads
Acquisition: Amazon (now at 4.99)

Synopsis: Yesterday, First Daughter Kat Collins arrived at the Carver Institute, an elite island reform school.
Yesterday, as she donned generic jeans, Kat’s dream of a normal, cookie-cutter life was one step closer.
Yesterday, Kat had never given in, run from a fight or killed another human being.
Yesterday, Kat didn’t wake to find her pants down and head pounding.
Yesterday, the only life Kat cared about was her own.
Yesterday, no one was missing.
SUGAR & SQUALL is young adult mystery-adventure with a romance that burns and a blistering pace. 
“Lost meets Twilight for the internet generation”

That’s pretty much the end of the read-a-thon~ I’ll just have a final wrap-up by tomorrow, and I will be joining in the Twitter Chat and then on to the next read-a-thon~ XD


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