Weekly Wrap-up: August 11-17 (Free eReadathon Week)


What I accomplished this week:

For the Free eReadathon I read:

1349408617453243Evanescent by Gabriella Lepore18222157

  1. Entangled by Nikki Jefford (3.5-★ Review)
  2. Deer in Headlights by Staci Hart
  3. Evanescent by Gabrielle Lepore
  4. Sugar & Squall by J. Round

Readathon Challenges:

*I can’t include Nikki Jefford’s Challenge because that was submitted as a form~

Comments on the readathon: This was a pretty good read-a-thon, I think. But I think it would have been better if there was a specific page we could visit to see all of the host’s posts in one stream. It just got confusing a little, and I was lost at times. I even sometimes forgot to check up on them. But overall, it was pretty great. I even won too. So yay~ Much love to the hosts: Consuming Worlds and Literary, etc.

For ARC August I read:


  1. Dead Sexy Dragon by Lolita Lopez

Other reviews this week :
(From previous reads)

  1. Silevethiel by Andi O’Connor (4-★ Review)

Other Posts this week:

  1. Free Ereadathon Challenge & Update – For the readathon’s Monday task, I featured a Chocolate Cake recipe, and showed what I have read so far.
  2. Building with Books: Endless Ebook Experience – I showed off the sites that I use to find all those wonderful free ebooks.
  3. Wanting & Waiting: The World of Divergent: The Path to Allegiant – A FREE Veronica Roth book~
  4. Random Ramblings: Highs and Lows of Free Ebooks – I think that explains itself.
  5. Top Ten: Favorite Freebies – My favorite free ebooks from the 30ish I have read.


These two just got me so hung up. They badly broke my heart, but I love them so much. One is a book and the other is an animated movie~

Evanescent by Gabriella Lepore (Book)

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Animated Movie)


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