ARC Review: Lightpoints by Peter Kassan

Click on the image to open the book's Goodreads page.

Click on the image to open the book’s Goodreads page.

Title: Lightpoints
Authors: Peter Kassan
Publication Date: March 24, 2013
Publisher: Melange Books, LLC
Format: ebook
Series: N/A
Acquisition: From the Author

Purchase at: Amazon

What if you suddenly discovered you had a sense-and powers-that almost no one else in the world did? When Amanda Lindner Nichols, a 24-year-old graphic artist living with her husband in Queens, New York, is revived from a near-death experience, she discovers she perceives everyone around her as points of light-but not with her eyes. She soon learns she can not only perceive the life energy of others, but she can give and take it. With the help of others like her, she brings her husband Chris to the brink of death and back to bestow on him the same remarkable faculty, and they’re the happiest they’ve been. But not for long. All over the world, people who’ve been revived from their own near-death experience at just the right moment discover themselves with these same unusual powers. They find ways to use them-some for good and some for evil. When Amanda and Chris encounter a ruthless group of gangsters with the same faculty, tragedy follows-and Amanda faces the greatest challenge of her life.


When the author first contacted me to review this book, I looked it up on Goodreads and thought that it looked interesting. He also seemed like a pretty cool person to talk to. And I was pretty much right. The whole concept of the lightpoints is really interesting.

When a person dies and is resuscitated at just the right moment, they gain a new sense. They are able to feel people’s energies as lightpoints, and they are able to control these energies. I won’t talk about that much because I think reading the book would give a better understanding of the whole concept. I like how Peter Kassan explained the different traits of this sense by showing different people from all over the world with different experiences in how they are able to use it. Although I think it would have been better if the unimportant people were only given one chapters or less each.

The story revolves around Amanda Nichols. After being stabbed on the shoulder and saved by the paramedics, she wakes up with the strange feeling of having the sense. It changed her and she had a hard time coping with it. Fortunately, she was found by Lisa, someone who has had the sense for a really long time and has been helping others like them. Lisa becomes her friend and guides her along the way.

Amanda’s husband, Chris, reminds me of some humanities teachers. Well, he is an artist and teacher so I think that means something. I imagine him as someone all grungy with movements and speaking like he’s high even though he’s not. I mostly see it from the way he talks. Although I think what people, including Amanda and me, see most in him is his gift for painting.

Just about the same time that Amanda acquires her gift, a gang leader also did and has thought of nothing but to exploit it and others who have the same talent. And he will stop at nothing to achieve what he wants. I’ll admit that I was freaking out near the end, yet I feel like it ended too fast.


OVERALL, I like the characters and the story as a whole. I like the whole idea of the lightpoints and its different facets. I just really wish there was more to this book. Lightpoints would greatly benefit from a good editor because most of it is already really good. It just needs a little more push in my honest opinion in terms of the story, sentence construction, and proofreading. I enjoyed this nonetheless and I would recommend this to people who are interested in science fiction.



P.S. Thanks to Peter Kassan for my copy~


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