Weekly Wrapup + Reading Resolve



What happened this past week:

I was looking forward to this week because of the 3-day work holiday, and I was planning to read so much. However, my plans never work out like I assume they would. I reconnected with an old friend, and he got me back into listening to music so I spent HOURS just listening to music instead of reading. But I still managed to finish a couple~

I’m still having problems with the internet and we’re actually changing our network provider because it’s just awful. I think we will be connected to the new one by this week or next week so I’m waiting for that. I have so much posts I can’t put up because of the stupid internet problems. It doesn’t help that the WordPress App is too hard to use.

What I read:

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  1. The Pentrals by Crystal Mack
  2. Insignia by S.J. Kincaid
  3. Waterfell by Amelie Howard
  4. Feyland: The Dark Realm by Anthea Sharp
  5. In His Command by Rie Warren
  6. Winter Queen by Amber Argyle
  7. Love Waltzes In by Alana Albertson – This one I’m still currently reading, but I should finish it soon enough~

Reviews this week:

Other Posts this week:





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  1. Snake in the Grass by Staci Hart
  2. A Tale of Two Centuries by Rachel Harris
  3. Allure by Lea Nolan
  4. Unreap My Heart by Kate Evangelista
  5. More Than Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram
  6. Sisters in Bloom by Melissa Foster


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