YA Love Story

In Perkins’ Anna and the French Kiss
I’ll be your Anna if you’ll be my Etienne
I’ll be the new and different girl
and I will always be your best friend


In Oliver’s Delirium
I’ll be your Lena if you’ll be my Alex
I’ll let you infect me with your love
and guide me to whatever comes next


In Collins’ Hunger Games
I’ll be your Katniss if you’ll be my Peeta
I will go against all odds
and keep you safe from all harm


In West’s Pivot Point
I’ll be your Addie if you’ll be my Trevor
I may not be able to choose you now
but a way back I shall promise to ensure


In Messenger’s Let The Sky Fall
I’ll be your Audra if you’ll be my Vane
I will bond to you forever
and always think only of your gain


In Peterfeund’s For Darkness Shows the Stars
I’ll be your Elliot if you’ll be my Kai
I will hold my feelings true throughout everything
and love you forever for all time


In the real world we live in
I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine
We can write our own love story
to last us our whole lives

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