Review Ranting??


So it’s 6am. And I’m so worked up and angry. Very angry. Raging angry.

I just finished reading the sequel to a favorite book of mine. I was sooooo excited for it too because the first one was so good. But as you can see from above, I’m not very happy about it. And I’m so frustrated I’m not sure how I could even sleep tonight.

Anyway, I received an eARC of this book directly from the author so I definitely want to put a good review out. I mean there were parts I really loved and I even got teary-eyed. But I always go back to the anger, especially since the last scene was the worst of it all. It was soooo soap opera cliche and I hated every bit of it.

The author set up this perfect moment already. I was so happy about it, but it was all ripped away. And how I hate it all so much! I’ve always been a positive person and I love all kinds of books. Very few can infuriate me and it makes me feel so lost. I needed someone to talk to about it but I’m not sure anyone would hear me out so I ran to my blog for comfort.

I’m still lost and hurting about the whole thing, but at least I could somehow let it out. Why did it have to end up like this? I had so much faith. I’m so disappointed and angry and I just really don’t know what to do about it all. Everytime I think about it I see red despite the wonderful parts of the story. Maybe I should just clear my head, but I’m VERY tempted to rant on my whole review based on how I feel.


8 thoughts on “Review Ranting??

  1. I hate when a book I’ve been so looking forward to is not what I expect, and being so new to the book blogging world, I’m not sure what I would do in your situation. Really all I can say is I’m sorry the book has upset you so much, and to do what you feel will make you feel better, whether that’s giving an honest review without ranting, or just ranting your way through it – because even if you don’t rant in the review, you can always make another post like this to let it out. Good luck!

    • I know. This just may be the first book I hate from this author. But there are some really good moments too. I’m so conflicted about the whole thing. I’ll try to make it work out. Thank you so so much!

  2. I’m sorry the book didn’t ended up good for you *pats back sympathetically*

    I’m not sure what you should do in this situation but somehow I hope that ranting all out will help you clear your mind slightly to be able to write a review. And even if you rant in the review, just be honest to what you felt about it. I hope this helps even if it’s not that big advice of an advice 😉
    Good luck with it ^_^

    XX Ner

  3. Oh man 😦 Let me love you for a minute *huge hugs*

    I’m sorry it didn’t work out the way you wanted to – it’s an absolute nightmare. I’d just say give an honest review, and proofread a few times to make sure that it’s really what you want to say before publishing the post. Anger always makes us a bit more impulsive, so checking yourself will just ensure that you’re in the clearest mind possible.

    I wish this could have worked out better for you! Just hold onto the perfection that was the first book 🙂

    • *hugs* Thank you!

      Yes! I think that would be my biggest problem – the anger. I feel like I might be totally unfair about the whole thing because it got me too worked up. Hopefully, I’ll be able to bring out both good and bad points of the book fairly.

      I love the first book so much and moments of the second book too so I might just give the third book a chance. But the author definitely has a lot of damage control to do. Haha!

  4. It’s a huge let down when you have loved a book and an author and waited….patiently (or not!) ….for the next book. Get it, grab it read it and then feel deflated. I feel your pain. 😦

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