Random Ramblings: Kelly Oram Book Traits I Like


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Having read all of Kelly Oram’s books, I must admit that there are a lot of similarities in her books. It’s not the same for all of them, but a great number share the same things, and most of them I really like. So I thought I would list out some that I have thought about.


In all of Kelly Oram’s books, family plays a role, and it’s usually really good – great parents or siblings. I like how they’re supportive and caring for the main characters. There are even a lot of adorable moments which are just heart-warming and funny. I think some of my favorite characters and/or moments belong in Being Jamie Baker, Serial Hottie, and The Avery Shaw Experiment.

Blue Eyes

I’ve never really met a person with blue eyes, but thankfully we have photography and videos so it’s not so hard to dream of. I’m Asian, but I’ve always been attracted to Caucasian features. I guess you want what you can’t have. 😛 Actually, my taste varies, but I really do like blue eyes. I love how Kelly Oram’s characters can be lost in nice blue eyes. I think of all her books, V is for Virgin is the only one without a blue-eyed guy. There are green ones though and I think those are pretty too.

Cocky but Charming Men

I’ll admit I’m not much into people who think so highly of themselves, but in Kelly Oram’s books, they all just work for me. I fall in love with all these guys. There’s Ryan Miller from the Jamie Baker series, who is the star quarterback and gets everything he wants. He’s also Mr. Sunshine~ There’s Seth in Serial Hottie who imposes himself so much on Ellie to the point of being creepy. But he has this sweet side I’d definitely love to read more about. There’s Kyle Hamilton in V is for Virgin, the rockstar womanizer who badly tempts Virgin Val. There’s also a caring, considerate, and sweet side to him. Plus he’s hot. Actually, they all are. There’s Grayson Kennedy from The Avery Shaw Experiment, the dumb basketball star who turned into a lovesick pansy. And then there’s Russ from Chameleon, an overconfident warlock who is just madly in love. I like how they’re all determined to get the girl and I love love love them all.


I don’t think I have to expound much on this anymore. Kelly Oram is simply hilarious and makes me laugh out loud. I think that is a big reason why I like her books. I love things that make me laugh.


I think that is pretty much a given. But there are just really perfect moments that make my heart flutter or melt and it makes me feel so in love with everything. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it all just works for me.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of similarities or common themes or whatever in Kelly Oram’s books. I think that tends to happen when it comes from the same author, but I love her writing anyway. Her books just have their own charm to them and I really enjoy them. She’s one of my favorite authors as of now and I’m really looking forward to whatever she may publish in the future. I wouldn’t mind seeing all the same things I fell in love with in her previous books, but if she has something new and better to put out then I probably would fall in love with those too.


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