I am a reader, not a writer


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Just because I read a lot doesn’t mean I can actually come up with stories or write really interesting ones for that matter. I know that writers are readers, but not all readers are writers. And I think I am one of those people who couldn’t write a book to save a life. I’m confident enough to just simply write blog posts, but to actually attract the attention of readers to read hundreds of pages is a different matter all together.

Why am I talking about this? Well, because some people expect me to be able to write books because I read books. I have some really close friends who wanted me to write stories about them just because I read books. Can I really? I’m not quite sure. I have this ongoing project that a friend convinced me to start. It’s supposed to be a YA contemporary romance, which should be easy because it’s one of my favorite genres. Wrong. I made it as far as a prologue and 2 uncompleted chapters. And I’ve pretty much run out of what to write next. I told my friend to inspire me some more because most of the memories in the book are coming from his mind, but he hasn’t inspired me yet so I’m not sure how far I’ll get with the book. I’m not even sure if the ones I’ve written so far are even interesting enough.

Anyway, I think that is why I have so much respect for authors. They are able to write hundreds of pages that just draw people in. I’m not even sure how they do it. And that’s why I easily fall in love with books, which usually makes me rate them so high. I am just genuinely awed by their abilities to write such wonderful stories and characters. There are just books that really affect me in their own ways.

I don’t really know if I would ever have a future in writing. I think I’ll need to read more to expand my knowledge. I get some ideas for main themes or plots for a book, but I don’t think I can write good dialogue, characters, and plot twists as of yet. I am a reader, not a writer. I might be able to proofread or edit books. I can form opinions about them. But right now, I really can’t write them. And that’s okay.


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6 thoughts on “I am a reader, not a writer

  1. The assumption that any reader could be a writer is ridiculous – just because I read a chemistry book does not mean I’m about to become a chemist! Sometimes enjoying a book is just what needs to be done – because like you said, some people just have that crazy gift to create an entire world from their head. Not everyone can do it, just like not everyone has the ability to write a blog!

    • True, but you do learn something about chemistry if you read a book about one. Haha. I dunno. Maybe it’s because we spend so much time reading that people assume we could be experts on it or something. I don’t really know.

  2. Seriously?! There are people who think that you can write books just because you can read them?! That’s such a silly assumption! Those are completely different things haha. I do admire authors as well, because while a lot of people can write well, not many people can write BOOKS well (if that makes sense. It probably doesn’t.)

  3. Kayla put it perfectly. And even though I am a writer, I too have been rather surprised at how many people have asked me if I am simply because of the reader aspect. I mean, yeah, writers should be reading other people’s work, but that doesn’t mean all readers are writers. I mean, how many people listen to music or watch TV just because they enjoy it? Why can’t the same apply to reading?

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