Book Review: Faking It by Cora Carmack


Click on the image to open the book's Goodreads page

Click on the image to open the book’s Goodreads page

Title: Faking It
Author: Cora Carmack
Publication Date: June 4, 2013
Publisher: William Morrow
Series: Losing It #2
Format: Kindle edition
Acquisition: Bought

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Mackenzie “Max” Miller has a problem. Her parents have arrived in town for a surprise visit, and if they see her dyed hair, tattoos, and piercings, they just might disown her. Even worse, they’re expecting to meet a nice, wholesome boyfriend, not a guy named Mace who has a neck tattoo and plays in a band. All her lies are about to come crashing down around her, but then she meets Cade.
Cade moved to Philadelphia to act and to leave his problems behind in Texas. So far though, he’s kept the problems and had very little opportunity to take the stage. When Max approaches him in a coffee shop with a crazy request to pretend to be her boyfriend, he agrees to play the part. But when Cade plays the role a little too well, they’re forced to keep the ruse going. And the more they fake the relationship, the more real it begins to feel.


Before I started reading Faking It, I had been thinking about how most books show bad boys, and it made me wonder where the bad girls were. Where were the girls who had tattoos all over their skin? Where were the girls who had been with too many guys? Where were the girls with the dark look on them? I found that here in Faking It. It also answered the question of what happens to the guys who don’t get the girl.

Mackenzie Miller, who hates her real name and would rather be called Max, dyed her naturally blonde hair, got tattoos all over her skin (which must have hurt considering where they were), and wears clothes her parents wouldn’t definitely be proud of. So when they decided to surprise her, she had to do her best to hide what she could, including her boyfriend with all the piercings, tattoos, and whatnot. And since her parents overheard her with a boyfriend, she had to find one fast, and Cade was readily available. It helps that he’s an actor too.

I kind of understand Max and how she still tries to conform to her parents’ will even if it’s not all real. I’m not the bad girl type, but I do understand what it feels like to choose passion over anything else. Music has been her everything for years, and she wanted nothing but to sing and make music. She had very high hopes for her band. Her parents humored her, but they always showed how much they disapproved. Being in debt and having too many jobs already, Max still needed to rely on her parents.

I must be honest that I didn’t really want to care about Cade that much considering how he easily pushed away Bliss in Losing It, but I actually found his character to be an interesting contrast with Max’s personality. And in retrospect, he was hurting when his best friend turned him down. He’s actually even still a little bit hung up on Bliss in the beginning of this book. But he can easily hide away all the hurt and pain he felt. Cade had done nothing but work really hard to be perfect. He worked really hard to get high grades and he even did volunteer work. Max even dubbed him as “Golden Boy.” So Max’s parents were readily impressed, considering how bad Max’s boyfriends used to be. And in order to keep her parent’s financial support, Max had to keep Cade around a little longer. Fortunately, Cade was as easily attracted to her that he couldn’t really stay away.

Unlike in Losing ItFaking It is a little heavier with family drama and death. Max and Cade both had their own personal reasons for becoming the persons they are now. And they both must learn to overcome their fears and insecurities. They must learn to let go in order to really live their lives. Max must show her parents who she really is – tattoos, clothing, hairdos and all – and that she doesn’t want to be the person they are pushing her to be. She must also understand that despite their differences, something real could happen with Cade. Cade, on the other hand, must learn to let go of past hurt and that he shouldn’t easily give up.


OVERALL, Faking It is a story of finding the strength to live life despite all of the fears that overtake a person. It is about Max learning how to embrace her true self in front of her own family that have not been very supportive of her, and it is about Cade learning how to truly fight for someone. They must learn to stop running away. This is a love story between a “Golden Boy” and an “Angry Girl” that began by faking their relationship. They will learn to support each other in this dramatic, humorous and passionate tale.




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  • This is all based on personal opinion, and as much as I’m open to other people’s opinions, I hope you understand that this is based on what I feel. I avoid giving out spoilers as much as possible, too.
  • I do not own most of the images I use, and some may be subject to editing.



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