My Misprinted Catching Fire Copy


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Yes. My copy of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins is flawed. I was supposed to take a picture but my camera’s crappy, but the book’s pages go on from 1-330, 315-330, 347-391. So by the time I skipped the repeated pages and got back to the story, people had died, things had happened, and I was confused. But I just kept on going. I even finished the whole series without knowing exactly what happened between those pages. I actually haven’t thought about it for a while, but my family’s watching the movie tomorrow so I remembered my copy of the book. I’ve been wanting to get a new one, but there are so many other books that get in the way.

It makes me wonder if any other person received misprinted copies. Or if they have the other half to my book, meaning they have my 331-346 while I have their 315-330. I don’t really know. And it’s not like I can return the book because I got it from a friend’s friend. I tried contacting Scholastic about this, if I remember correctly, and didn’t really get any helpful response. Anyway. Maybe I’ll be able to read the whole book in the future, but for now, I am looking forward to the movie. So to end this little post on a good note, watch the Catching Fire movie trailer~


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