#DreamyDecDays RaT Day 5: Author Feature, GIVEAWAY, Updates, Daily Challenge


Welcome to Day 5~ Let’s give out some prizes why don’t we. Haha!

Through the power of Random.org, we have chosen the winners for the Daily Challenges.

Thank you all for joining and congratulations to the winners. I have sent you emails for claiming your prizes. There are still a couple of more challenges, twitter chats, complete the checklist, and the grand prize. 😀

ddd-lm-augustine For today’s author feature, we have an interview from an author I really love – L.M. Augustine. I’m even part of his street team (Cake Ninjas). Interesting enough, his book Two Roads has poetry in it, which is the theme of our challenge for today (see that below). And you can win that book with an awesome GIVEAWAY (also below)! OPEN TO EVERYONE! Also, hop on to Books Keep Me Sane to read into Tellulah Darling’s mind and read an excerpt from her latest book, My Date from Hell, and join the other awesome giveaway there~

L.M. Augustine is a YA romance author who is obsessed with writing about dorky teenagers, love, and happy endings. He currently lives in New England, where he spends far too much time reading books and screaming at his computer, and he believes that the solution to the world’s problems can be found in chocolate cake. Click To Subscribe is his first novel, but it won’t be his last.
Check him out on his: Blog ❘ Twitter ❘ Facebook ❘ Goodreads
His Books:
Click to Subscribe Two Roads

Interview with L.M. Augustine:

Hi L.M. I am so so excited to have you here today! I just love love love Click to Subscribe and Two Roads!

So let’s start with some basic info on you.

I probably know so much about you since I stalk you anyway, but please do tell the rest of us read-a-thoners (is that a word?) something about yourself. (It can be anything at all~)

  • Well, your stalking is totally welcome! As for me, one thing about myself is that it is my life’s mission to make nerdy love interests just as beloved and wide-spread as rebellious/bad boy ones.

I know you love writing and reading, but do you do anything not related to those? What do you like doing?

  • I do other things, I swear! I also happen to be a total history nerd and I’m pretty addicted to certain TV shows (like Scandal, The Good Wife, The Mindy Project, etc.) Also, as much as I may protest to the fact, I do love taking a break from things and just hanging out with friends, going to movies, and so on.

What did you do before you became an author? Or do you still have some other side job to writing?

  • Yep, I still have a secret side job! 🙂 Hopefully someday I can write full time, though.

I wonder why it’s a secret. 😛 L.M. is so secretive~

I know you love cake (hence Cake Ninjas), but how much cake can you eat in one sitting?

  • Is this a challenge? I hope it’s a challenge. 😉 (I can eat A LOT. That’s all I’m going to say. Anything more and I risk embarrassing myself.)

He feeds his Cake Ninjas with lots of cake pictures.

Now let’s go to your writing and your books.

How did your interest in writing start?

  • I’ve always been writing, ever since I was kid. I’m exactly not sure what it was that brought it about but I loved telling stories and, more importantly, I loved making things up, so after I got into reading books, writing my own stories just seemed natural.

For those who haven’t read Click to Subscribe and Two Roads (shame on them. Jk), can you give us a short description of what they are about? In the form of a tweet would be good (140 characters or less :P)

  • Oh, you are killing me. Haha!

    Here we go:

    Two Roads: “Insulting her dead brother’s geeky best friend has always been Cali’s way of feeling okay about herself. Until she starts to fall for him.”

    Click To Subscribe: “West Ryder is hopelessly in love with a girl he met through his vlog. But things turn sideways when she turns out to be his best friend.”

    (Don’t laugh if those are bad!)

Click to Subscribe and Two Roads are just awesome, and I love them both so dearly.(if that hasn’t been obvious yet). What inspired you to write them?

  • Thank you! 🙂 Click was actually inspired by a YouTube video. I was watching one of John Green’s vlogs and he mentioned that two of his fans (one boy and one girl) met online and hit it off so much that they were organizing a real life meet up. At the time, I thought that was so cool. I mean, falling in love through YouTube videos? I didn’t even realized that happened.

    Over time, the idea started to develop, and I kept thinking how plausible that could be. I wondered what those two people would have to be like to fall in love over the Internet, wondered what happened to them, wondered what will happen to them. I’m not sure how the rest came about, but the next thing I knew it was midnight and I was scribbling away the first chapter of what would eventually become Click To Subscribe.

    And as for Two Roads… um… I’m not even sure. I think it came about when I sat down to write my next book, knowing full well I wanted it to be much different than Click was, and so I thought: what is the opposite of best friends falling in love? The answer: sworn enemies falling in love. And the rest just kind of came from there.

Well they’re both wonderful books. 😀

So far, who has been your favorite character to write and why?

  • Definitely the character I’m writing now! He’s geeky and broken and defies just about every love interest stereotype out there. 🙂 *is a tease*

See with the secrets?

I noticed that your male leads (both in Click to Subscribe and Two Roads) are such adorkable characters, how close is your personality to them?

  • I am definitely a geek myself, as anyone who knows me can attest, but beyond that, I don’t typically see myself as anyone I write. A lot of the intrigue with writing (for me) is exploring characters different than I am, getting into their heads, imagining what they’d say and do in different situations, and so on, so I like to make my characters opposites of who I am purely for the fun of it. But they will all be a bit nerdy like me, yes–I can’t write a non-geeky character for the life of me.

What are some of your writing habits?

  • I hate writing sitting up. Weird, I know, but for some reason I’m so much more inspired when lying down or reclining. (Related: I’m lazy.)

What is your favorite word and why?

  • “Inevitable.” I’m not exactly sure why, but my not-so-inner nerd loves the ring of it.

So far, you have written contemporary romances, which I think you’re really good at, but will we see other genres from you in the future too?

  • I’m not sure. Probably eventually, but definitely not right away. I still have a few more contemp romance ideas up my sleeve first!

Which I’m sure I’ll also love too.

What are your favorite books of all time?

  • Um… I can’t possibly answer this. So instead I’ll give you my recent favorites, which are: The Fault in Our Stars, Before I Fall, Slammed, and more recently, Unteachable.

Don’t worry. A lot of us have a hard time answering it too. 😛

What is your favorite quote? (Please include author and book)

  • “Maybe there’s something you’re afraid to say, or someone you’re afraid to love, or somewhere you’re afraid to go. it’s gonna hurt. it’s gonna hurt because it matters.” – John Green, Will Grayson, Will Grayson

And I just loved you more. Will Grayson, Will Grayson is one of my favorite books.

Since it’s almost Christmas…

Do you have any holiday traditions? If so, what are they? Or what do you usually do during this time?

  • Yep! I meet family from all across the U.S. every year. We all stay in this three-hundred-year-old hotel, and it’s a really nice place to connect with everyone and also, to sneak in some writing. 😛

What place would you love to visit the most this holiday season?

  • My Harry Potter is showing, but… Hogwarts, obviously. (And don’t tell me it is fictional or my dreams will be forever crushed!)

A lot of us want to go there too!

What do you love most about Christmas?

  • I love Christmas Eve most. Coming together with family and sitting and talking (and eating sweets, more importantly) by the fire is always so refreshing. I look forward to it every year.

What’s on your Christmas Wishlist this year?

  • Well, I’m really hoping to find enough free time to be able do that whole “reading books” thing again. 😛

What makes you put on the holiday weight?

  • Those Christmas cookies kill me every time. (*has no regrets*)

Wrapping up…

If it isn’t too much to ask, can you please tell us a little joke?

  • Um… I suck at being funny on the spot.

    Okay, how about we steal a joke from one of Logan’s t-shirts in Two Roads. Ready?

    Q: How do you properly hit on a nerd?
    A: You go up to him or her and say: “I’m not being obtuse, but you’re acute girl” (or guy)

Any last words?

  • Just a HUGE thank you for having me!

And thank you so much for joining us. I had a lot of fun with this one and I hope the readers did too. Now let’s go to the GIVEAWAY~



L.M. Augustine is giving away 1 ebook of Two Roads. This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY to EVERYONE, even non-participants of the read-a-thon!

red ddd-updates For today’s participation post, we’d like to simply know how you’re doing~ You can tell us anything.

north pole reform school summer and the citywhat the heart wantsSo today, I finished reading Summer and the City by Candace Bushnell, which was really bad. And I’m almost done with North Pole Reform School by Jaimie Admans. I also started reading What the Heart Wants by Staci Hart.

So that’s a total of 3 books plus more to come~ And of course I love talking to everyone~ 😀

What about you? Leave us a link~ It will be counted in the drawing of the Grand Prize.

Hurrah! It’s the 5th day. Today’s Dreamy December Days Daily Challenge is a read-a-thon favorite – Spine Poetry. If you don’t know how it works this is what you need to do: Make a poem using the title of the books you own. It can be about anything you want and it can be as long as you want it. Just have some fun~


For my poem, I made a little haiku~

spine poetry

Perchance to Dream Fire

Chime Under the Never Sky

Let It Snow Wonder

Here are some other examples of Spine Poems that I did months ago: About Teenage Love (my personal favorite), The Fault in Our Stars and About Death (2 different poems), Starcrossed Legend.

As always, participating in at least one challenge will qualify you to join the Grand Prize giveaway at the end of the read-a-thon, and each challenge has one random winner so make sure to join. Link up on the Challenge linky below, each challenge linky will be open for two days to give everyone a chance to participate in the read-a-thon. Tweet your read-a-thon posts/progress using #DreamyDecDays.

Sponsored by: L.M. Augustine, Erica Crouch, Tellulah Darling, Kate Evangelista, Nikki Godwin, Rachel Harris, Staci Hart, A.G. Howard, David Lomax, Angela McPherson, Lea Nolan, Kelly Oram, Lissa Price, Jennifer E. Smith, Laura Thalassa


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