November Wrap-up


I know this is a little late, but I got caught up with a lot of things, and I only got to do this now. Better late than never. 😛 Well, basically, I just want to recap what I read, reviewed, posted, and whatnot. And something I’m doing for the first time, I’m posting a playlist for November’s theme/reads. So the songs relate to the New Adult books that I read and reviewed last month~


What NA books I read:

(Link to Goodreads)

  1. Romancing the Bookworm by Kate Evangelista
  2. My Side by Tara Brown
  3. Ruin by Rachel van Dyken
  4. Losing It by Cora Carmack
  5. Keeping Her by Cora Carmack
  6. Faking It by Cora Carmack
  7. Finding It by Cora Carmack
  8. Wait for You by J. Lynn
  9. Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover
  10. Hopeless by Colleen Hoover


What NA books I reviewed:

(Link to Review)

Romancing the Bookworm my side Ruin Wait for You Losing It Keeping Her Faking It Finding It finding cinderella Hopeless


What NA books I recommend:

They’re all really good books actually, but these are my favorites. (Link to Review)

Romancing the Bookworm Ruin Losing It finding cinderella Hopeless


What other books I read:

(Link to Goodreads)

  1. Scion of the Sun by Nicola Marsh (Young Adult)
  2. Sisters in White by Melissa Foster (Adult)
  3. Mutilate My Heart by Emily Godwin (Young Adult)


What other reviews I posted:

(Link to Review)

phantom summer Skulk scion of the sun Sisters in White

Love Waltzes In mara Mutilate My Heart


What other books I recommend:

(Link to Review)

mara Mutilate My Heart


What else I posted:

  1. NA November (+Giveaway) – where I explain NA November. Giveaway winner is Tammy at Book Bunny, btw. I already contacted her and everything.
  2. Cover Reveal: Stone of Destiny by Laura Howard
  3. What I feel about New Adult – where I discuss thoughts I came upon while I read some NA books
  4. Entanglement Blog Tour: Excerpt – excerpt from Dan Rix’s Entanglement
  5. Sam Cruz’s Infallible Guide to Getting Girls Blog Tour: Interview with Tellulah Darling
  6. My Misprinted Copy of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
  7. Francine, the Impulsive Book Hoarder – where I show the 82 books I got this month


What songs relate to my NA reads:

My NA November playlist: (Link to YouTube)

  1. Dakota by A Rocket to the Moon
  2. I Must Be Dreaming by The Maine
  3. Animal by Neon Trees
  4. Obvious by Hey Monday
  5. Bad by The Cab
  6. Clouds by The Morning Light
  7. That’s Okay by The Hush Sound
  8. Sometimes by Seabird
  9. You Found Me by The Fray
  10. My Beautiful Rescue by This Providence
  11. Kiss Me Last by We The Kings
  12. The New Is In by The Morning Of
  13. The Road to Jericho Is Lined with Starving People by This Providence (couldn’t find a good upload for this. Sorry!)
  14. It’s True Love by Forgive Durden
  15. Her Love Is My Religion by The Cab
  16. You and Only You by We The Kings


What I realized:

I first encountered NA a long time ago – around months or a year. At first, they were okay, but they started to become too much so I stopped reading for a while until I decided on NA November and it was quite refreshing. It gave me a different perspective on a lot of things and I pretty much realized that NA, the properly labelled ones anyway, are more my age group. YA will still probably be my favorite, but I’m not afraid of NA anymore, unless the book us full of drama that is.


My First Blog Tour:


I organized the Mara Blog Tour for Mara Bane, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of all the lovely hosts. I would also like to thank Veronica Bane for supporting my enthusiasm about her book and even sending me a free paperback copy. She’s awesome, and she has more to come so I hope others would support her in her writing career. She’s wonderful. 😀

Recap of Posts:


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4 thoughts on “November Wrap-up

  1. Wow you read so many books last month! Colleen Hoover’s books are so popular in the blogosphere I might give it a try! 😀 I haven’t read much NA last month, I focused more in the YA books 😀

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