Happy Holidays~ (+ Blogging Break)

Let It SnowWell the title says it all. πŸ˜›

It’s officially Christmas in my country. I’ll probably be stuffing my face with food, chatting with my family, or reading. I’ve been reading Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle for 3 years now. So that’s my annual Christmas book. It’s a compilation of 3 Christmas romance short stories. It’s interesting that some characters of each story is connected to some characters of the other stories so they’re all somehow still related while having their own stories. Am I making any sense? Anyway, my favorite story is Maureen Johnson’s story.

I was supposed to post 12 reviews this month for Duos December, but I only did 8, and I’m feeling lazy to do the rest. Tee hee. I just want to enjoy the holidays by eating eating, reading, and eating. I’m not sure if I’ll post anything until next year. I’ll play it by feel~ Although I will have wrap-up posts for tomorrow and the next day maybe.

I’ll still probably be replying to comments though. Or tweeting. Or posting pictures on Instagram. I’ll still be around. Just not around to write reviews or posts. I plan to fix my blog’s design too. And I BADLY need to update my goodreads and amazon reviews. πŸ˜›

One last thing. My Duos December giveaway will still be ongoing. I’ll announce the winner next year when I start blogging again.


And that will probably be my last big giveaway for a while. I’ll be limiting my giveaways to a couple of Indie books. I plan to resurrect Bookish Benefaction too. I’ve accumulated a couple of books I’d like to give away to make space for my closet. So if you want to receive an e-mail about the books you can request, just sign up. It’s in one of the pages up there ⇑

That’s all. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting this blog, and I hope to see you all next year too. Happy holidays. Gain some weight. Indulge. Enjoy. ‘Til next year.


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