Quality Quote #1


Quality Quote: where I talk about a book quote that speaks to me


It’s always easier to say goodbye when you know it’s just a prelude to hello.

– Maureen Johnson, The Last Little Blue Envelope

This quote can mean different things to different people and different situations, and I personally think that’s beautiful in its own way. We’re all different.

I re-read The Last Little Blue Envelope last December 2013, and I found this quote to be relevant to the changing year. Some things end. It’s inevitable. But we could always remain hopeful of all the things that could come our way in the future. I personally like being optimistic in a world where a lot of things can go wrong and a lot of things can never truly be planned and predicted. If you asked me last January 2013, I wouldn’t think I would have my own book review blog, yet here I am. I didn’t think I would be able to meet a lot of bloggers and a lot of authors. I didn’t even believe in myself that I could write reviews that people could appreciate. I also got my very fist job and paycheck last May. I was able to find, buy, and read a lot of awesome books.

So my 2013 was pretty awesome, and I’m being very optimistic about this 2014. And I hope that everyone would have a wonderful year. Accomplish things. Have adventures. Find love. Celebrate life. Whatever you set out to do or whatever life brings you, keep hopeful. Say goodbye, then say hello.



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5 thoughts on “Quality Quote #1

  1. Oh what a wonderful quote .. and I agree it can mean different things to different people. such a touching post.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog ,and I’m happy I’ve found you 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful quote and I definitely have to agree, goodbyes are so much easier to say when you know it won’t be the last one but you’re going to see the person again.

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