Mini Book Review: Splintered by A.G. Howard (WITH POKEMON)

Who’s that Pokemon?!

Okay. Don’t hate me! Haha. My brothers are so addicted to Pokemon. They ordered the new DS and Pokemon X and Y. It’s all they ever talk about these days. And they dared me to write a review using Pokemon. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Don’t take this too seriously. It’s only meant for fun! If you don’t like puns then move along. 😛 Also, I’m mostly familiar with the earlier generations of Pokemon. There are so many new ones that I don’t even know all of them anymore. The last one I played was Pokemon Emerald. I did check out the new Pokemon though, but I don’t remember most of them.

My original review of Splintered is here. This is a book I really love so it’s easier to write a review even if I read it months ago. This is also a little celebration of A.G. Howard’s new book release. Although I’m not really sure if she’s a Pokemon fan. Haha!

Anyway. Here goes~



  • Ken Sugimari is the rightful owner of the official Pokemon art.
  • All pokemon images has been taken from



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18 thoughts on “Mini Book Review: Splintered by A.G. Howard (WITH POKEMON)

    • That’s great to hear. :)) I used to be so addicted with it years ago. I actually still want to play it now, but I’m afraid it would consume so much of my time if I did begin to do so. Haha!

    • Thank you! That means a lot. Hahaha! I’ve been hearing the changes on the new one and I’m quite afraid of them. The 3D and all that. I’m an old person. I like the flat one and where everything’s all simple. Hahaha! But my brothers are still persuading me to get Pokemon Y. I think they’re tricking me. I like the special Pokemon in X better. 😛

      • I just got the 3DS for Christmas and I’m surprised with how much I like it. You can actually adjust the 3D to your comfort level or just leave it off, which is what I do most of the time. My poor eyes can’t take that for too long. I think I’m going to get Pokemon X so I can trade stuff with a few of my friends. 😛

  1. Hahahaha omg this review is so adorably funny!! I’m not into pokemon at all, but all the little pictures and wordplay was just spot on. LOVE. <3333

  2. That was such a cool idea! Funny too 🙂
    I really want to read Splintered (I have a very lonely copy on my shelf) – glad you liked it! I hope you get your copy of Unhinged soon (read the recent Tweets thing in the sidebar). Poor Morpheus!

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