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A book is your very own adventure when you open your imagination to it. This is a non-verbatim quote from my friend’s mother. My parents used to be (not so much anymore) really strict and they wouldn’t allow us to read or watch the Harry Potter series. But when I got into college, one of my friends lent me his copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and I found that quote in it. It was signed by his mother. I can’t really remember the exact words because it was a long time ago. But I had always kept that idea with me along the way.

I think that for book people, this isn’t a very foreign concept, but I’d like to talk about it anyway. I’ve been reading a lot of adventure books, and as you can see the banner up there, it is also my month’s theme. I personally love those books that show me all kinds of different places all over the world. I like those that pay a lot of attention to detail that allows myself to actually immerse into the setting of the book. This even works for fictional places. I don’t really travel a lot. I’ve been to a few provinces in the country and I’ve been to a couple of places in Hong Kong. It’s always wonderful to see new things, but travel is always expensive.

Books show me the world at the comfort of my own bed (or wherever I may be reading). It allows me to experience new sites and ideas. And thanks to the Internet, I can even see what all these places actually look like. Books instill a sense of wonder in its readers and brings all these different places to life. The best part about it is that each one costs only a few dollars. Meanwhile actually traveling to other countries can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. I know there are some people lucky enough to live in Europe or America and have easy to access to different countries and states. Although I don’t think everyone does go travel. But as for me, I’ve always wanted to see the world. I know that’s impossible for me right now. So I enjoy seeing it through books for now.


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5 thoughts on “Affordable Adventures

  1. Is there a reason why they didn’t let you read Harry Potter? I mean, was it specifically only that series they didn’t want you reading, or books in general? haha sorry, just curious.
    I definitely love how books are “journeys” in themselves. And even if they don’t show real places, they help you experience different cultures and environments 🙂
    Books are amazing 😀

    • That’s okay. I got asked that a lot in college. 😛 They were one of those parents who thought of Harry Potter as real witchcraft and is therefore a bad influence. Lol. Crazy, I know. Thankfully they aren’t anymore.
      Yes, definitely. It’s wonderful being able to live those in some ways. 😀

  2. I think it’s nice that you have monthly theme for your blog ❤ A lot of people think HP is real witchcraft and it's even banned in some countries. Good thing my parents allowed me to read HP. Well, they don't really care what books I read so they probably don't know HP 😀

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