Guest Post: Gayle Forman Book Signing

So for those following Filipino blogs, I bet some have seen recaps about the Gayle Forman Signing event last January 18. Sadly, I’m not one of those people who were able to go and meet her. Of course it was very unfortunate for me. I wish I could have gone because I adored the If I Stay series. However, I had a family thing that prevented me from doing so. That’s why I asked my friend, who I knew was going, to have my books signed and have her do a little recap on the event too. And I find myself very fortunate that she said yes. So without further ado, please welcome Angeli.

– Francine


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When National Bookstore announced that they’d be bringing Gayle Forman, author of If I Stay, here in Manila last year, I was psyched and itching to go. She is the first foreign author to visit the country this 2014 and a lot of people said that her work is simply wonderful. I got my copy of If I Stay as a present and read it over Christmas. That was the most beautiful and heart-wrenching novel I read last year and I really want to thank Gayle (she said that she doesn’t want to be called Ms. Forman so… yeah. :D) for writing such a wonderful novel. So, I went to the book signing last Saturday in the National Bookstore branch in Glorietta 1.

I went to the area early, knowing that I have to queue up for a number. (TIP: for all book signings, always be two hours early; otherwise, you’ll watch around a hundred or so people get their books signed before your turn or worse, your book doesn’t get signed. The former’s not as bad as the latter but it is a long, long wait that can last an hour or so.) The line started forming around 9am and I found myself among the first twenty people in the line. I even saw myself in the photo tweeted by National Bookstore!

When the doors opened, people properly entered the store and got their numbers. I was number 9! Yay! Then, the six-hour wait started. The event was scheduled to begin at four. I got my number a few minutes after ten. The fun thing about book signings is that you get to meet fellow bookworms and discuss books and other things which is a good way to pass time by. As Kath, one of my new friends that I met there, said (non-verbatim), never be afraid to go alone during book signings because you’ll surely meet like-minded people there. (Hi guys!)

Fast forward to 4pm! Media personnel were starting to set-up their cameras. We were starting to get a tad bit restless. We’d stand up in anticipation every time a car stops in front of the store. By 4:15pm, we saw Gayle step out of the car. We screamed as she entered the bookstore like a rock star. She actually took off her jacket and threw it on the side.

The staff took a few pictures – for Twitter and other social media sites, I suppose – and settled down after a while. A thirty-minute interview with Gayle started afterwards. I was planning to transcribe the interview but I couldn’t transcribe some parts due to my sucky video coverage. (I have to search the interwebs for videos with better audio first. OTL) Just to give everyone a general idea of the interview, she discussed her journey as a journalist and then, a writer, her works prior to If I Stay, her current books, the movie adaptation of If I Stay, her newest book I Was Here (to be released on 2015), and questions from fans.

The interview ended and the first twenty people queued up to have their books signed. I placed my two books (If I Stay and Where She Went, which I bought last week and read after the event) and Francine’s books (If I Stay, Where She Went, and Just One Day) on my arm and waited some more. When it was my turn, I got an awesome hug from Gayle and there, I was able to thank her. Francine’s books were signed first and Gayle said that the name Francine is really beautiful and that she must use this name for a character soon! We also took a photo together and I thanked her once more.

The overall experience was simply amazing. I got to meet a great author, got my books signed, and made new friends. The day ended with one more photo and with the promise to meet in future book signings this year.

The next book-signings scheduled in Manila is the Lang Leav book signing, sponsored by Fully Booked and the Mitch Albom book signing, sponsored by National Bookstore.


angeliAngeli Wei is not a book blogger but has a Booklikes account to monitor the number of books she has read since last year and to find more books to read. Her book-scapades are normally posted elsewhere but randomly shares it on Booklikes sometimes. She reads like it’s a pre-requisite to breathing and attends book signings as much as she can. She is one of the owners of Middlemist Trinket Box, a Philippine-based online store found in Facebook and Instagram.

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