#WinterWishes Read-a-thon

The first read-a-thon I ever joined was hosted by Read-a-thon Central last July 2013. So I was pretty excited to see that they’re hosting another one now. It’s a lot smaller than the first one though, but I’m gong to make the most out of it anyway. So for the 3-day read-a-thon, I’m not really sure how many books I can finish, but I will try pushing myself a little. Maybe. Well, I don’t really mind if I don’t finish all the books, but there’s no harm in setting high goals, right? Hopefully, I’ll be able to read all of them. Realistically, I’m good with 3 of them. I’m mostly excited for Enders because I’ve waited so so long for it so I’ll probably breeze through that series. Anyway, the list:

Starters Enders Noughts & Crosses taste The Coldest Girl in Coldtown Teen Angst? Naaah...

  1. Starters by Lissa Price (Re-read)
  2. Enders by Lissa Price
  3. Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman
  4. Taste by Kate Evangelista
  5. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black
  6. Teen Angst? Naaah… by Ned Vizzini

It’s already the evening of January 24 here though so I’m running pretty late already. And I don’t plan to start reading right away. As I write this post, I’m trying to catch up on all the other awesome blog posts in the book blogosphere. I’m also trying to finish scheduling all my posts for the rest of January so that I can enjoy my Saturday and Sunday just reading.

I’ll probably just update this post along the way.



I am the biggest read-a-thon failure. I didn’t read any book at all. I haven’t visited any blogs either. I’ve been so busy the past few days. I had work on Friday. I went out on Saturday. You can read the whole story here. Yes, I spent a lot of my time writing that instead of doing my read-a-thon duties. I mostly slept and spent time with my family on Sunday. And I’m only catching up now when it’s Monday in my country, but it’s still Sunday elsewhere. So here’s my spine poetry (which may or may not reflect my failure).

spine poetry

The Beginning of Everything
All These Things I’ve Done
It’s Kind of A Funny Story
The Chaos of Stars
The Distance Between Us



I did not touch any single book. Lol. I’ve been too busy with life. I did, however, read the interviews and participate in the activity and Twitter Chat and those were fun~ I think the Twitter Chat was the highlight of this Read-a-thon because the ladies who participated were just awesome. Thanks to all of you. And of course thanks to Tamara @ Shelf Addiction and Stephanie @ Love. Life. Read. for hosting Winter Wishes. Hopefully, I’ll do better next time!



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18 thoughts on “#WinterWishes Read-a-thon

      • I’m going to buy a copy of Starters on Fully Booked too 😀 But I’m going to buy the paperback one because I prefer paperbacks … and right now I am waiting for Enders to come out in paperback, I just hope they won’t change the cover so that my collection will match covers 😀

      • Mine are actually both paperback. I was too broke to get the hardback. Lol. And the blue cover isn’t available in hardback, I think so it won’t match if you get the hardback for Enders. They printed an International Edition of Enders so you can get it in paperback even if it’s a little expensive. 🙂

  1. Thanks so much for participating with us Francine!! You are the best!! 🙂 Great goals–I hope you are able to get through quite a few of the books above. I am setting my goal low this weekend as I am not quite sure how much reading I will get through. Hoping for more than the 2 books I am starting with but with my migraine and waiting to get through 5 reviews too, not quite as confident. Happy Reading!

  2. Yay, read-a-thon buddy! 🙂 A friend of mine was reading Noughts & Crosses aaaaaages ago. I was only able to read a few passages, but it’s pretty heavy. :O

    Good luck, Francine! 🙂

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