Surreal Surprises (what I got from today’s mail)


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I went to the Philippine Post Office today to claim two packages, and they just made my day. The first one I’ll be featuring is more of a personal thing. It’s still a book, but it’s a fashion book so if you’re not interested in that then skip on to the second package below. (UPDATE: this day just gets better)




So this was the conversation between my eldest brother, Hat Boy, and I for a couple of weeks prior.

Bro: I ordered you something. / The package got lost in the mail. It will be delayed./ The package should arrive here soon. / (or any variation of him talking about this so called secret gift)

Me: What is it?

Bro: Secreeeeet~

A little more about him. He’s a really great artist so he’s a highly paid artist at a local company. He has also won a lot of contests and whatnot so he pretty much has a lot of money. He bought himself and my other brothers DS consoles and games for Christmas. His gift for me is this Fashionary book, which is just so awesome!

Yes, I’m into fashion. I plan to pursue a degree in it this June. My brother has been very supportive of me reaching my dream, and I’m just touched. Fashionary is so pretty and just so perfect that I almost went into tears. I won’t show what’s inside though because my camera’s too crappy and I can’t really get good photos. But it has a LOT of useful information for creating and being inspired. It’s just perfect! I’m so in love with it. I started drawing stuff in it already.

Here's what it looks like right out of the plastic

Here’s what it looks like right out of the plastic

It has this very pretty and subtle embossed thing on the cover

It has this very pretty and subtle embossed thing on the cover



Now let’s go to fiction books. Now for this one, I totally freaked out. I wasn’t expecting it at all, and I think it has been the highlight of my book blogging career so far. I actually held back posting about this until I got the package. It’s just…WOW.


After I received that comment, I pretty much spazzed out. I mean, here I was, just sitting around reading or whatever, and then I get this email notification from Amazon and I freaked! I don’t normally see comments on my Amazon reviews so I didn’t even think it would be a big deal. But I was so surprised. I even asked Colleen Hoover “Are you really sending me a copy?” or something to that extent. Because seriously. It’s COLLEEN HOOVER! And I’m like this tiny blogger. I can’t even believe it until now, but I have physical proof so yeah. This is me being incoherent about it all because I’m just speechless. I already thanked Colleen Hoover countless of times, but here’s a public one. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! ❤

Oh, the review was for Finding Cinderella, which you can find on Always Lost in Books, Goodreads, or Amazon. Oh, and Finding Cinderella is free on Amazon or whatever ebook store, and can be read as a standalone anyone can see what it’s about.

And now here’s my signed copy of the book with the bookmark she included.

finding cinderella finding cinderella



I just found out from Diane @ Oops I Read Again Tours that I won one of the giveaways for the tours I joined in. I got $10 Amazon GC so yay~ Now what to spend it on? I am a happy little bookworm.



Such a great day~


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16 thoughts on “Surreal Surprises (what I got from today’s mail)

  1. Aww congrats! I’m so happpy for you, I totally understand your fangirling, I have Finding Cinderella in my Kindle but I haven’t read it. I think I’m going to read Losing Hope first. But I’m finished with Hopeless and it made me ugly-cry for like an hour. lol. But yeah it was really really good and I’m recommending it to my friends 😀

    • Thank you! I haven’t read Losing Hope yet, but Finding Cinderella is just awesome so you should read it. Lol. But I think it would be possible to appreciate them more if you read them in order. Hopeless was just. ugh. Haha! 😀

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