#LoveAThon Mini Challenge 2: Book Valentine


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This challenge asks us to write a love letter to our book boyfriend/girlfriend. This one’s really hard for me because I’m not really sure what to say so I kept this short.


A Letter to Morpheus

(Splintered Series by A.G. Howard)

Dear Morpheus,

What can I say? I’m mad as a hatter for you. You’re simply wonderfully charming despite your evil, manipulative ways. I love your persistence, and I love it when your facade breaks and shows a whole new side to you. I love your British-ness and your sense of fashion. I wish you could fall in love with me too. But my dreams shall do.

Ever yours,
Francine Soleil

P.S. I hope you win over Alyssa so that I can live vicariously through her in situations and emotions. 😛



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9 thoughts on “#LoveAThon Mini Challenge 2: Book Valentine

  1. This is the second letter to Morpheus I’ve seen – he’s one popular fella! I love your mad hatter reference – so sneaky 😉

  2. Aw I love your valentine to Morpheus even if I am Team Jeb!! Haha super cute though! I loved the “mad as a hatter” part! How weird is it that we follow each other on instagram but I don’t follow your blog?! Don’t worry, I totes changed that thanks to LoveAThon!! So glad you participated, girly!!
    xo, Becca @Pivot Book Reviews

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