Tragedy Turnout


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Don’t you ย just hate it when authors build you up just to bring you down? What can I say? I love happy ever afters. I need to know that I will get the perfect ending after each and every book. But it doesn’t always happen that way. It’s either the characters break up or one of them dies (I think we see more of this).

I’m not sure if anybody really knows what I’m talking about here, but I’m talking about those relationships that let us down. Let’s face it. We fall in love with characters and their relationships. We want them to end up together (or maybe you want the girl or guy to end up with you), but most often than not, we hope that they reach that happy place, especially after all kinds of trials, arguments, romantic moments, swoony moments, or whatever we may go through. It’s so easy to assume that the characters would have their happy ending. For books that talk about cancer, I think it’s easier to predict that they won’t end up together, but it’s still a slam in the face and you just want to cry NO NO NO NO NO! I think the harder ones to accept are the ones you don’t expect. I’ve seen myself flip through blank pages or acknowledgment pages wanting for more.

Recently, I was surprised to meet someone who actually liked tragic endings. He likes it when the hero doesn’t get the girl. I’m not really sure what the reason is behind this, but I didn’t know people like this even exist. But then again, there are those who crave tragedies or destruction. As for me, I love the happy endings. I will always take the happy endings. Even if the book ends in a cliche or if it’s predictable, I like me some happy endings.

But I have also learned to love a lot of books that have these tragic endings. I think these are the ones that hurt the most. It’s like the author has been feeding you with all these wonderful and sweet moments, and then rips it all away. I know it shows a lot about reality, but it doesn’t make it suck less. But then after contemplating (with attempts to destroy the book, which never happens), I start to understand. It still gives me a twinge of pain, but I manage. Maybe I can put them together again in my dreams. ๐Ÿ˜›

I can’t really give examples because that would spoil a lot of books. But if you want a list, feel free to send me a message. XD

To anyone interested to answer, what do you think about those relationships where they give each other so much yet they don’t even end up in the end? Do you like it or dislike it? Do you crave it or are you afraid of these kinds of books? Do you know any good books that portrays this kind of relationship well? Tell me anything related to this topic. ๐Ÿ™‚


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15 thoughts on “Tragedy Turnout

  1. I don’t dislike these kinds of books, and I agree that they add the realism to the story. Sometimes people just don’t end up together, or other things come in to tear them apart. I read a book like that a little while ago, and I found that it was really well done.

    But I don’t think I could read those books all the time. I would have to read them inbetween all the fluffy and light books that I pick up. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. I hate it. HATE IT. With a fiery burning passion.
    I don’t like reading books where the MCs don’t get together. With cancer/other dying books; it’s not as bad. I mean, you don’t go into reading a book about someone with a terminal disease and expect everyone to live happily ever after, do you? Sadly, no.
    But when the book is about two perfectly healthy people who love each other = they should end up together. I don’t understand it when authors make them part ways for x or y reason. They’re just making the book, on a whole, might less enjoyable. I usually walk away from those books disappointed and agitated. If two people are meant to be together, and the author has made you fall in love with their love; then they should DEFINITELY be together by the end of the book/series. Otherwise it’s just not worth it. D’:

  3. I don’t hate those books, but if I had to choose between tragic and HEA I’ll pick the happy every time. It’s part of that “I read to escape” thing – I don’t want to be reminded of the fact that sometimes people suck and screw up relationships and have painful endings. I get enough of that in my own life, thanks! So if I can escape for a few hours and find an HEA in the pages? SIGN ME UP!

    I’ve learned to accept the nasty endings though, though not without many tears and frantically searching through the blank pages at the end as if the words are going to materialize xD

  4. I always get frustrated when my OTP doesn’t get together and then I feel so frustrated and DAMN IF YOU DONT DATE THE GUY I WILL DATE HIM FOR YOU. (Amy, I’m also pointing at you. You can definitely leave Lucien for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    But you get used to it, sometimes you just know that the MC’s don’t end up together and then you just give up, but you want more. D:

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  6. It depends on the reason for why they don’t end up together. If it’s a reason I can’t deny is solid, then I grudgingly accept them apart. But if I don’t understand why they can’t be together, I’m frustrated and disappointed.

  7. I like tragic endings! I mean…not ALL the time. But I don’t like it when they’re ALWAYS a happily ever after. Maybe I’m just cynical (or I guess realistic?), but I like it when, occasionally, books end more like they might in real life…and that’s not necessarily with an HEA. There are definitely books and series in which I really do want the happily ever after, but sometimes I just crave that more realistic approach! Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

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