Epic Recs: March 2014

So this is my fourth Epic Recs month with Sandra @ Sandra’s World of Books.  Wow. Time flies by fast. If you want to know more about Epic Recs, just click on the banner up there(it’s linked to the December post though so you might want to search for the most recent one). And I also posted about this last month. But the basic gist is that we push each other to read a book this month. But basically, we’re just enabling each other’s book-buying addiction. Haha!

This month, Sandra is pushing me to read Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys (that last name is hard to remember!). Sandra wrote a wonderful review on the book, and I was pretty much convinced that I had to read it. Also, I think Sandra loves seeing me cry. 😛 Haha! But I’m seriously excited to read the book because I’ve been wanting to read more historical fiction after I read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I have a feeling that the two books would somewhat have the same feel. But I’m not really sure since I haven’t read it, and I have yet to get a copy.

between shades of gray

My recommendation for Sandra is Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. My first recommendation for her was actually Anna and the French Kiss, which was also by the same author. She pretty much loved it. So I think she’ll enjoy this one too. I don’t really have a review for this book because I read it a long time before I started book blogging, and I might need to reread it before reviewing it. But here’s a wonderful review from Kayla@The Thousand Lives. It’s the only one I could remember at the moment and it helps that she loved Lola so much. The one I have is the one on the left in hardcover, but I think Sandra is getting the one on the right, which is the new cover for the book.

lola and the boy next door lola and the boy next door

P.S. The book covers link to Goodreads in case anyone wants to know more about them.

Have you read any of these two books? What were your thoughts on them?



6 thoughts on “Epic Recs: March 2014

  1. Yush, I’ve gotten the right one, because it matched with the new cover for Anna, that I already own. I’d like everything matching. I really hope you love Between Shades of Grey, after reading that one, I just needed to read more historical fiction. I should write an Epic Recs post for March and February, I’m so forgetful lately.

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