Mythology March


This month’s theme! Well, mostly anyway. πŸ˜› I’ve read a couple of books based on mythology. Sadly, a lot of them are based on Greek mythology. I don’t really know a lot that’s based on other mythology. I found one that’s based on Irish myth (The Carrier of the Mark) and one based on Egyptian myth (The Chaos of Stars). Other than that, all Greek. I find these kinds of reads fascinating because most often than not, it’s like a little education on these mythologies. I studied in a very conservative Christian school and these things were never really taught and looked down upon so I’m usually clueless about them. The closest I got was the Disney movie, Hercules, which I soon found out was very inaccurate.

What are the mythology-based fictional books that you know? Do you know books that are based on mythologies other than Greek ones? What are your favorites?

I won’t be having a giveaway for this one because I’m currently broke. XD



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