Book Launch: Til Death by Kate Evangelista

til death book launch

Click on this to find out more about this event.

I actually don’t know how many of my followers are Filipino, or if they will even see this, but I’m posting this anyway. I plan to go to this event on Saturday, and it is the first time I’ll be going to an author event! I’m dragging my younger brother with me because I’m not allowed to travel alone because my parents are crazy overprotective like that. 😛 I’m not sure if I’ll meet any of the filipino bloggers during this event considering that I’m really shy and introverted. I’ll probably recognize their faces but not bother to approach because I’m like that. Haha!

I’m actually quite nervous for this, but also excited! Kate Evangelista is actually a Filipino author, but has been signed by foreign publishers, which I find really cool. I haven’t really met her, but I have all of her books, which are all signed. Except for Til Death, which will only be available during the event and after it, even though it released on March 4. I actually find that weird because wouldn’t you want to have read the book already to be able to interact with the author? I’m debating whether I should buy the ebook or just wing the event. Any advice on that?



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