Cover Consideration: Good Gods Series


Greek Myth


If my memory serves me right, Deer in Headlights (Good Gods #1) by Staci Hart was one of the first mythology books that I read so it means a lot to me. I’ve been following the series since, especially after Snake in the Grass (Good Gods #2), which was better than the first in my opinion. The main gist of the series is basically how the Greek gods are living in modern times. Since immortality can get boring, they started playing games against each other using the humans on earth. They don’t really control them, but rather set up situations so that they can get together or whatnot. I think it’s better to read it to understand. Also, they’re all entertaining and funny so I recommend them.

In all honesty, the reason that drew me to read Deer in Headlights was because of the first cover and that it was free on Amazon. The cover was just so gorgeous that I had to have it. I think what mostly drew me to it was the predominance of black, which is my favorite color. And I just love the stars on it. Actually, the covers are just perfect all around. Just look at them.

Deer in Headlights snake in the grass what the heart wants

But then Staci decided to revamp the whole series with new covers and an improved and longer version of Deer in Headlights. I actually have the new version of Deer in Headlights, but I have yet to finish it. Anyway, these new covers are all so beautiful, too. And I think that the new covers tell Β more what the book is about. The new covers are showing Aphrodite and how she is helping the couples fall in love.


Both covers are really awesome. And I think it’s even more awesome that the author designed all of them herself. And if you ask me, I’m not really sure which I would choose. But the first covers do have sentimental value to me so I think that carries weight. And of course the colors and simplicity of the first covers also call out to me. I wish the books could be produced in both color styles, but I think the new covers will be the basis for the next books in the series.

If anyone would care to answer, which covers do you prefer and why? Have you read the books in this series too?



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10 thoughts on “Cover Consideration: Good Gods Series

  1. I really like all the old covers, and Book 2.5 of the new covers. I have a real soft spot for these more minimalist kind of covers and the first set feel more mystical to me. πŸ™‚

    • It was really difficult to come to the decision to change them, but the old covers I found weren’t really giving an impression of the story. I fall more in RomCom than Paranormal, as comedy is my slant over horror (which there’s literally none of), and when looking through other RomComs, I just didn’t fit. The new covers are fun and cheery, and give a good feeling of what’s inside. So far, it’s been very well received! The books could easily reach people who aren’t ‘into’ mythology, but not with the old covers…they need something more approachable. They were fun to design, all of them! I was loathe to give up the first ones, but am considering doing prints and other swag in them to keep them alive!

      ❀ ❀ ❀

  2. I haven’t read the book yet. I do have an ARC for Deer in the Headlights that I have yet to finish. I have to finish a lot of ARC’s πŸ˜› But I actually like the old covers a lot, because of the minimalistic look and the black makes it all very chic. But the new covers are gorgeous as well, especially the lovely colors!

  3. Wowm, they are all really pretty, did she really design them herself? She is is so talented! But i like the new ones better. I’m a sucker for colorful covers. Can’t help it. Colors attract me like the light attracts the moth, and this ones are beautiful.

    • Hi Valeria! Yes, I designed all of them myself. I’m a graphic designer in my ‘day job’ πŸ™‚ I did a load of comic-style character illustrations with quotes for the stories too, check them out!

  4. I love the original covers! I love how the dark hair has stars in it, and how much the small elements stand out and how understated they are! It also makes the books seem a little darker, while the redesigns suggest the material might be a little more light-hearted.

    I haven’t read this series, but I’m definitely checking it out on Goodreads!

    • Yes, it’s technically a RomCom with a paranormal slant, which wasn’t getting across in the originals! I’m so in love with the original cover for Deer though, I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it!

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