Book Launch Recap: Til Death by Kate Evangelista


Yesterday, 15 March 2014, I attended my first ever bookish event. Unless you count book sales as a bookish event. πŸ˜› But anyway, it was my first time to go out and meet an author in person. I was both nervous and excited about it. I will admit that going there was quite a hassle because the venue was so far, but the event was definitely worth it. I had to wake up early so that I wouldn’t be late and so that I could register early. I also spent a lot of time walking around and doing whatnot with friends. It was quite a tiring, but great day.

One part of the event was the interview with Kate, and she had a lot of very interesting answers, and I really enjoyed listening to her talk. I took some notes, but they weren’t very detailed so I will merely attempt to type out what Kate said during the interview. So basically this is non-verbatim, and based on my faulty memory. I may or may not phrase some of these correctly. πŸ˜›

  • Kate has written 5 paranormal novels out of the 6 that she has written. She finds this genre very fascinating in the way that it takes us away from real life. She can sprinkle anything to it because she can build the whole world around it. She can add her own magic.
  • Out of her 6 published books, she originally wrote Taste, Reaping Me Softly, and Til Death first, even if they weren’t released in order.
  • She considers her characters as a part of who she is. She didn’t really base them off of anyone else specifically. Pegs usually come after her writing. She doesn’t have any specific inspiration for the characters, except for Luka Visraya (Taste and Vicious Feast series) who she sees as Alex Pettyfer.
  • Fractured Souls, which is the Til Death series, is a trilogy. The second book is due in 6 months and will explain more on details from Til Death.
  • She wanted the Illumenari to have a hierarchy structure. Hence, the different levels in the Til Death book. Kate compares it to an RPG game where the characters need to level up after a goal or task is accomplished.
  • She specifically chose Wyoming for the Til Death series because of the remote area that could easily hide supernatural activity.
  • Kate has a lot of planned books. If you loved her Romancing the Bookworm book, you should be excited because she’s writing another contemporary. I’m most excited for that. She’s also planning to write a dystopia book set in the Philippines. Also, she’s working on the sequels for the three series she has ongoing. She said she currently needs to finish 11 books.
  • She finds writing to be really fun. She considers herself more as a glorified typist. All of her stories come from the characters in her head telling her everything. She even joked that she was schizophrenic with all the voices she hears. Her writing mostly comes from which of her characters gets heard first.
  • As an author, she actually likes getting mixed responses on her books. She likes how she gets really good reviews, and even bad ones. She thinks that the different reactions is a sign that she’s doing it right. She doesn’t read reviews of her books though because she feels that this could affect her creativity. I personally found this very interesting.
  • In terms of getting a writing career, Kate advices that one shouldn’t close doors in reaching out to publishers or agents or any person that could help. One should take risks and chances. She also mentioned how she has received a lot of rejections slips or letters, which she also takes as a good sign. She wants those unique people or companies that really love her work so that they could represent her books really well.
  • “My journey would not necessarily be yours.” This was probably my favorite quote from Kate. She uses this in terms of her writing career. She believes that one should make their own experiences as well. I personally love this because I think it can also apply for non-writer things. We can read all those wonderful stories or hear them from people. We can try to follow their footsteps, but in the end, it’s still our own journeys to pave. And we can have experiences of our own.

There was also an expressive reading of Chapter 2 of Til Death, which I personally enjoyed. The 9-year-old they chose to read it was seriously talented. She made me feel like she should read all of Selena’s chapters to me.

After the program, we were finally able to line up to meet Kate. I actually got #6, but the line wasn’t really organized by number so I think I was pretty much near the end of the line. Like I said earlier, I was very nervous to meet Kate because I’m extremely shy. But thankfully enough, Kate is just this really sweet person that you could so easily talk to. I felt so comfortable with her and I was even able to joke around with her. I was actually surprised that she recognized me as a book blogger. She even gave me a hug. I, on the other hand, went all gushy mode as I told her how much prettier she looks in real life (as compared to pictures on the internet), and that I have read all of her books except Til Death which I’m about a third or half way through. I didn’t have time to finish it because I got the book late. This is what she wrote on my copy:

til death book launch

Isn’t she just sweet? *blushes* I also asked her if I could take a picture of her for my blog. I said that I was too camera-shy, but she convinced me to take the picture with her. The first picture was actually only a blur so I had to go back in line to get a decent picture. I only had my phone then so the quality wasn’t that great either. But I’m really happy that I got one.

til death book launch

Kate also gave away a couple of swag so I got some extra stuff. Yay.

til death book launch

Overall, it was truly a wonderful experience. I also saw a couple of book bloggers I knew, but I was too shy to approach them. Diane @ Oops I Read A Book Again and Algel @ Tea-rrific Reads were kind enough to say hello though. There was also food, and Kate’s Momager (Mom + Manager) was actually the first to greet us during the event and immediately told us to help ourselves with the food. I’ve never really seen her in pictures, but I immediately knew she was Kate’s mom because they look so much alike. I also loved Kate more because she was just awesome.



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