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Greek Myth

Please Note: This is a review of a last book in a trilogy, but this is a spoiler-free review. You can also check out my reviews on the other books in the series:


Click on the image to open the book's Goodreads page

Click on the image to open the book’s Goodreads page

Title: My Life From Hell
Author: Tellulah Darling
Publication Date: March 20, 2014
Publisher: Te Da Media
Series: The Blooming Goddess Trilogy #3
Format: eARC
Acquisition: Netgalley/Te Da Media

To say that Sophie Bloom is at the top of her game with one only week until spring equinox and the final showdown with Zeus and Hades would be, well, lying. The Goddess of Spring feels more like the Goddess of Bzz Thanks For Playing than the savior of humanity. And could her relationships be any more messed up?
Good times.
Sophie is convinced that things can’t get any worse than crawling back to her mother Demeter and begging for help. But she’s about to find out how very wrong she is.
It’s a race against time for Sophie to implement the big battle strategy in the YA romantic comedy/Greek mythology finale My Life From Hell. Love meets comedy with a whole lot of sass in book three of this teen fantasy romance series. Save herself; save the world. Humanity may be screwed.


WOW! WOW! WOW! I didn’t think the other books could top the first book in this series, but this book! This book! There aren’t enough words! It was not what I was expecting it to be, but it was awesome!

Sophie Bloom, aka Persephone, continues her fight to go against Zeus and Hades and to save the world. The stress over everything is taking its toll on her, and her ex from hell, Kai, isn’t really making everything easier. She’ll also experience misunderstandings with her best friend, and she has to face her mother who couldn’t care less about her. Time’s running out on Sophie and she needs to get it together in order to win this.

My Life From Hell answers a lot of the questions from the previous books, and even shows what exactly happened to Persephone before she became Sophie, showing more on Persephone’s stay in the Underworld. I got to meet a lot more Greek mythology characters too. I think my favorite one would be seeing Prometheus in all of his titan glory. He’s one of my favorite characters.

I’m not going to comment much on the characters, but I simply must talk about Bethany. She is the queen of the mean girls in Sophie’s boarding school, but due to certain circumstances, she made connections with the Greek gods/guardians/etc., which aided in her beauty, fame, and so on. But the girl is just pure evil. If this were Harry Potter, she would be Umbridge. (Sorry to those who don’t get the reference.) Basically she’s a loathsome character that one couldn’t easily get rid off, and she’s present in all three books. That didn’t put a damper on my love for this book or series though.

I think that love was one of the things that made this book really special to me. I personally adore how the term love was used in this book. It wasn’t just about the romance. It was also about friendship and about one’s self. I want to share so much about the awesomeness but spoilers. D: We see too many YA books that focus so much on romantic love, and I’m really fond of how Tellulah Darling deviated from that. Yes, there was still romance, but there was so much more for Sophie and her friends.

This is one of the most satisfying trilogies that I have ever read and it has made me really excited to read MORE from Tellulah Darling, even though there isn’t any news yet for a new book.


OVERALL, My Life From Hell is one of the most perfect series endings ever. I will admit that I faltered a little after the second book and novella and thought that none of the sequels could top the first book. But I was wrong. This was just one helluva epic conclusion. Tellulah Darling managed to break my heart, but also make it soar and flutter about. She made me laugh so much and she kept me flipping the pages. This book seriously gave me  a big book hangover. My Life From Hell is awesome and I recommend everyone to read it. But if you want to be more specific, this offers Greek mythology with a twist in a modern setting. It’s funny, snarky, and unique. I love love love this book and series.





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  • This is all based on personal opinion, and as much as I’m open to other people’s opinions, I hope you understand that this is based on what I feel. I avoid giving out spoilers as much as possible, too.
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8 thoughts on “Book Review: My Life From Hell by Tellulah Darling

  1. Ah I’m so glad you enjoy these series, I have read your reviews, don’t think I’ll pick these up anytime soon though. I have too many books. TOO. MANY. The only books I have read about Greek Mythology is probably Percy Jackson…that is Greek mythology right?!

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