Weekly Wrapup: March 16-22


Well, I didn’t really read much this week, I only read 2 books and got into 30% of another. I was able to write a couple of blog posts though. Although I haven’t been able to visit others. Today hopefully. Or tomorrow? I spent a lot of time reformatting my External Hard Drive, Raven. And I watched a lot of YouTube videos from the vlogbrothers, jessethereader, and lindsaycummings.

I watched the Divergent movie yesterday with my best friend who doesn’t read. I think that the movie wasn’t that great. My friend couldn’t understand anything much and kept on asking me stuff. I’m not sure how much I would have enjoyed it had I not read the books. Also, there were a lot of changes – some I liked, some not so much. Best part about the movie’s probably Theo James. Of course that’s my girly answer. Haha! It was good, but not great. I wonder how the sequel would go. I mean The Hunger Games was meh but Catching Fire was awesome. So maybe. Just maybe. :))

Lastly, I’m thinking about holding a review-athon for April to May. I’m not sure anyone would want to join, but I definitely will do it for myself. I currently have around 30 review copies. Things are getting out of hand! Would anyone be interested? Because if so, I’ll be planning prizes and activities and whatnot. πŸ˜›

On the blog, I pretty much pimped out Tellulah Darling this week. πŸ˜› And I also featured some authors I love.

Blog Posts:



my ex from hell my date from hell my life from hell

Yes, I recommend the whole series.


How was your week?


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5 thoughts on “Weekly Wrapup: March 16-22

  1. Woop! Yes, a read-a-thon would be awesome, still too many review copies around, sigh. I need to get through them. We really need to open Fluffy Reads πŸ˜›

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