Mythology Books Spotlight


Since I’m not able to read and review a lot of mythology books this month, I thought I would just spotlight a couple of them that look really interesting. I also asked for some suggestions on my Mythology March post so I want to thank everyone who commented – Emily @ Oh Magic HourMichelle @ In Libris VeritasKayla @ The Thousand LivesValeria @ A Touch of Book MadnessNara @ Looking for the PanaceaAuthor Angela Mcpherson

I linked the images to Goodreads so that you can also check them out. For series books, I only included the first book and linked it to the series part of Goodreads. So here’s the list:


The most popular of them all~

abandon antigoddess deer in headlights destined Everneath half-blood hope's decree my ex from hell oh. my. gods. of poseidon starcrossed sweet venom the goddess test the lightning thief the lost hero


Illuminati The Book of Life the chaos of stars the red pyramid the year of the great seventh undeadly wrapped


loki loki's wolves odd and the frost giants stork valkyrie rising


carrier of the mark lament the fairie ring the forgotten ones tides


eon Ink stormdancer the night itself

Also, here’s a really great chart from Epic Reads. And feel free to add more to this list. Or correct it or whatever since I don’t know all the books. 😛



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6 thoughts on “Mythology Books Spotlight

  1. Yay, recommendations! 😀 I’m looking forward to reading retellings that aren’t Greek mythology. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the Greek myths. But I really want to see something new too. 🙂

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