Book Review: Hope’s Decree by Angela McPherson


Greek Myth


Click on the image to open the book's Goodreads page

Click on the image to open the book’s Goodreads page

Title: Hope’s Decree
Author: Angela McPherson
Publication Date: August 13, 2013
Publisher: Untold Press
Series: Fated #1
Format: Kindle edition
Acquisition: Free download on Amazon

When everything else is lost, there is always hope.
While most teens want an epic senior year, Trinity Whitebone hoped for a normal one. Being seventeen was hard enough. Having the emotions of everyone around you in your head made life more than a little difficult.
Until Blain Heros enrolled.
He screamed hot-god in jeans with just his walk. His intense stare warmed her skin like a thousand suns. Unfortunately, his interest in her seemed to run from blazing to freezing in the span of moments and left her nothing but confused. She could deal with things not being normal, but when life goes from strange to dangerous…
Trinity is the direct descendant of Pandora and fated to rectify the terrors released into the world by her curious ancestor. With powers she didn’t know existed and abilities she never wanted, Trinity tries to walk away from everything her life had become. She thought she could turn her back on her fate, until a band of rogue immortals discover who she is and will do whatever it takes to control her powers. Trinity is left with one decision…Embrace fate or die trying.



I first heard about Hope’s Decree from Laura Thalassa, an author I really love. When I learned that it was based off of Greek mythology’s Pandora, I knew that I wanted to read it. And I’m so glad that I finally found the time to do so, because I easily fell in love with this book.

Trinity Whitebone has been haunted by nightmares of darkness trying to consume her and her inner light. She also has the ability to sense the emotions of people around her. Little did she know that there was so much more to it. She will find out that myth may not be myth, and that there are beings fighting for the light or the darkness. And she may be the most important piece in this war.

I personally really liked Trinity. She’s not always the best, and I got annoyed by her stubbornness sometimes. But I think that makes her who she is. She has her vulnerabilities, thinking that she can’t do what she needs to and that her loved ones are potentially in danger. But I like her attitude of not wanting to be a damsel in distress. She demands the information she needs and she wants to be able to defend herself and to develop her powers. I do think she needs to rely on Blain though, especially since she has a lot more to learn. But I like how she stands up to him and tells him off for undermining her.

I think Blain is a more complicated character with how he’s hot and cold towards Trinity. He keeps on pulling away from her. I wish he wasn’t like that, but I like how it moved the story and their relationship. It allowed for development. I also began to love Morpheus after a while. But I think a character that I really loved is Trinity’s mom because she’s just really cool with giving Trinity some freedom. I’d love to have her as a mum.

I think that the book was pretty predictable in terms of who the bad people are, but it was very interesting to see how the characters would react to the news, especially Trinity and Blain. It was also interesting to see the history behind the darkness and evil. I also felt that the story moved at the right pace, and it made me want to just keep on flipping the pages.

I’m glad that there was no huge cliffhanger in the ending. Yes, it implies that there’s a lot more to come, but it was very satisfying. I do wonder how this series would go though.


OVERALL, Hope’s Decree is a compelling, action-packed fun read. I loved the characters, and I loved learning more about Pandora and how Angela McPherson used that story to create the supernatural elements in this book. I think that the book can be a little predictable, but I found it too engrossing to mind that much. I think that the pacing was really great, and I liked seeing the character development. I’ll definitely pick up the next book.





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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Hope’s Decree by Angela McPherson

  1. Ah, the hot/cold male lead. Definitely iffy for me because I don’t really like male leads like that. This is probably one of my “maybe” books. 🙂 Still, intriguing because it’s an adaptation of the Pandora myth. 🙂

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