Free Comic Book Day 2014

fcbdI don’t really read a lot of comics, but I’ve been to Free Comic Book Day at Fully Booked for 4 years now. Yes, this was my 4th year. My brother said I should be graduating already. 😛 I went with my 3 brothers. There’s a small Fully Booked branch in my area, but our branch of choice during this event has always been the one at Bonifacio High Street. It’s Fully Booked’s main branch so it has a lot of stocks and it gives away more stuff. But thankfully, Fully Booked has opened up another big store in Alabang so the crowd has somewhat been divided I believe.

We were supposed to leave really early, but none of us were morning people so we left around 7am. We arrived around 7:30am and there was a long line already. I heard that the first person arrived at 5am. The picture below is the one near the store, and I was in line that time and was still far away from the entrance. The line was actually snaking around the area, but it was easy to find the end of the line because there was a security guard holding a sign that said “Line Ends Here.” It was just so hot that I felt sorry for the people who didn’t bring umbrellas. Summer in the Philippines is way too hot. Fully Booked was supposed to open at 10am, but they were really nice this year and opened early. We were able to enter the store before 9am I believe. I think the first ones there got in at 7-8am.


There was a huge selection of comic books and we were allowed to choose 3. I got Teen Titans, Archie, and some other random thing. Since there were 4 of us, we tried to get different ones since we could share them anyway. Apart from the 3 that you can choose, they also gave away a random pack that has 5 more and candy from Made in Candy. Below is a picture of a part of the pile we had. I was too lazy to fix them for a proper picture. 😛 There was actually a lot of stuff going on that day. There were local comic book artists, free drinks, raffles and whatnot. There were also a couple of people who went in costume. I wasn’t able to take pictures or see them though because we left early out of fatigue and sleep deprivation. But you can check Fully Booked’s Instagram for more pictures of the event. Oh, I did see Kickass though which was pretty cool.


A part of Free Comic Book Day is the sale for all comic books – graphic novels, manga, cartoons, etc. You can get any at 20-50% off. That’s a pretty good deal that we couldn’t resist buying something. My brothers got superhero comics or whatnot. I didn’t check. But I got myself manga. I got volume 9 and 10 of Hoshi wa Utau or Twinkle Stars by Natsuki Takaya, author of Fruits Basket. I’m one volume away from completing the series so yay. I got the first volume 2 years ago. It was a gift from a really good friend and I HAD to continue the series because I loved it for some reason. It takes really long for the english version to come out and then make its way to my country. That’s why I don’t really collect manga much. I’m contemplating whether I should read all 10 volumes already or wait for the last volume to get here. What should I do? Help?


So that was pretty much it. It was an awesome event so thank you Fully Booked. I just wish I had stayed longer so that I could have seen more or something. Maybe next year.

What to prepare for next year:

  • cold drinks
  • food
  • umbrella
  • money!

Oh, and for those interested in going next year, they usually hold it on the first Saturday of May so look out for it or follow Fully Booked on social networks so that you can get updated.


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5 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day 2014

  1. I love free comic book day, I picked up a couple of free ones and bought another. I always forget about it until the last moment. I’ll have to definitely save up money as well so I can buy more comics next year.

  2. I don’t read comic books so I don’t bother. As interesting as it looks like, there’s nothing to get me into it and I don’t want to dig a bigger hole in my pocket. But free comic books sound great, and it’s so nice of them to actually let people get them for free and then have major discounts for everything else. That’s really nice of them. I think the best one to go to would have to be the BGC one because they not only give away 3 comics, but also they have a bigger selection of comics and manga so that’s a great thing.
    I’d try it if it didn’t look like a hassle of waking up early. ><

    • Lol. They would definitely dig a huge whole in your pocket. You have to pay hundreds just for a few pages. And they come in many volumes!
      And I agree. BGC would be the best branch. It certainly is the most generous one. XD I went to the Katipunan branch and only got one free comic book. And the selection is definitely better. It’s only once a year so waking up early isn’t that much of a problem, I guess. We were all actually too lazy to get up that day. XD

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