Epic Recs: May 2014

It’s a new month so here’s another round of Epic Recs month with Sandra @ Sandra’s World of Books.

If you want to know more about Epic Recs, just click on the banner up there(it’s linked to the December post though so you might want to search for the most recent one). The basic gist is that we push each other to read a book this month. But basically, we’re just enabling each other’s book-buying addiction. Haha!

just one dayFor this month, Sandra decided to mix it up a little. She wanted me to read something new that I think she would like. So in a sense, I should recommend to her the book that she would recommend to me. Does that make sense? 😛

And I didn’t want to spend much this month so I asked Sandra to choose from the TBR books in my closet because I have a lot. She gladly obliged and gave me three choices – Wonder, Tiger Lily, and Just One Day. These are all books that I’ve been meaning to read for a while now but haven’t had the time to do so. In the end, I chose Just One Day by Gayle Forman because the sequel novella will be coming out this month. I might as well catch up. Plus Sandra has been very curious about it because Will is Dutch if I remember correctly. Or maybe they go to the Netherlands. I’m not sure I remember. (Sandra, help me. :P) But anyway, I think this should be an interesting read. I love books set in Europe. And I loved Gayle’s first book so I’m hoping this would be just as good.


Losing ItFor Sandra, I recommended Losing It by Cora Carmack. She wanted something light and fun contemporary with some romance. And since it was on sale, I gifted her a copy. I don’t really like a lot of New Adult books, but Losing It is one that I like. Cora Carmack is undeniably funny and entertaining. Also Garrick Taylor has a British accent so plus points for him.

What makes Losing It so special is how endearingly awkward Bliss is. I couldn’t help laughing. This book is so good that Sandra finished in one or two days, and she usually takes longer to read some of my recs. Haha! Sandra sent me a message after reading this and said she loved it. I’m assuming she will be reviewing it on her blog so let’s all look out for that.

But I just want to mention what Sandra told me during out little chat. Losing It shows a lot of real life. Love and life can be so awkward and messy.


Have you read any of these two books? What were your thoughts on them? What are books you strongly recommend?



6 thoughts on “Epic Recs: May 2014

  1. I reviewed it on my blog yesterday 😛 And as far as I know, Willem is a Dutch guy. Because Willem is a very dutch name and his last name is de Ruiter, which is also quite Dutch. (i’m still waiting for the book to arrive -__-)

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