[Book Tour] ARC Review: Scan by Walter Jury and S.E. Fine

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Title: Scan (Scan #1)

Author: Walter Jury and Sarah Fine
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Date of Publication: May 1, 2014
Genre: YA sci-fi
Acquisition: borrowed from Pinoy Book Tours

Tate and his father don’t exactly get along. As Tate sees it, his father has unreasonably high expectations for Tate to be the best—at everything. Tate finally learns what he’s being prepared for when he steals one of his dad’s odd tech inventions and mercenaries ambush the school, killing his father in the process and sending Tate on the run from aliens who look just like humans. 
All Tate knows–like how to make weapons out of oranges and lighter fluid–may not be enough to save him as he’s plunged into a secret inter-species conflict that’s been going on for centuries. Aided only by his girlfriend and his estranged mother, with powerful enemies closing in on all sides, Tate races to puzzle out the secret behind his father’s invention and why so many are willing to kill for it. A riveting, fast-paced adventure, Scan is a clever alien thriller with muscle and heart.


Walter Jury and S.E. Fine used a lot of familiar SciFi concepts and wove them together to form the book that is Scan. Aliens are living among humans on earth without any distinctions on appearances. Secret organizations work hard to preserve their respective races. A special device is coveted by many to the point of killing. There’s a lot of running away and fighting.  I think what sets Scan apart from other similar books is the attention to detail given by the authors. How does humanity survive if most aren’t even aware who’s human and who’s not? It’s very interesting to find how the knowledgeable humans worked and adapted to this world filled with aliens. I was also impressed by Tate’s abilities.

Tate Archer was an ass for most of the book. He was very disrespectful and tactless towards a lot of people. I hated how he sometimes acted towards his girlfriend and parents. He was basically the reason the conflict even started. But Tate is also talented and brilliant. His father prepared him well after all. I like how he used mundane day-to-day items to create defensive weapons and survival devices. I’m really bad at science though so I’m not sure if the facts are all plausible. Tate’s parents were really great characters that had more underneath their cold and calculated expressions. It’s too bad it wasn’t so easily apparent to Tate that it cause him to lash out against them. And it irked me that they wouldn’t answer all of his questions easily. I know they’re trying to protect their son, but I think it wasn’t much help to him, especially during the dire situation. I still liked them though.

This book is  a big reminder of why I have been avoiding books in a series recently – CLIFFHANGERS. And this book just came out so I’m assuming the wait for the next one will be quite long. I personally don’t like it when books leave a lot of things hanging. Scan has a lot of secrets that could make or break this series, depending on how the sequels would turn out. I guess all we could do is wait.


OVERALL, Scan doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of plot, but the world building just might entice its readers. Tate is abruptly sucked into conflicts that would surely test his wit and skills, slowly discovering secrets that have been kept for many years. It was action-packed and entertaining. I think this series still has a long way to go though, and I’m quite curious as to where it is headed. If the facts in this book are correct, I bet that chemistry or science lovers would enjoy this novel.




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  • This is all based on personal opinion, and as much as I’m open to other people’s opinions, I hope you understand that this is based on what I feel. I avoid giving out spoilers as much as possible, too.
  • I do not own most of the images I use, and some may be subject to editing.

3 thoughts on “[Book Tour] ARC Review: Scan by Walter Jury and S.E. Fine

  1. Ugh cliffhangers :/
    Still, being a chemistry and science nerd, and a bit of a world building reader, perhaps this is the type of book that I’ll enjoy! Adding it to my TBR 🙂

  2. I enjoyed this one too, but it’s certainly more suited for a younger audience. I was lucky enough to interview the authors and Sarah said that she consulted with a Chemistry professor. I loved the MacGyver type scenarios that Tate created, I kept picturing a Spy Kids type movie being made of the series. I think it needs to be visual to have the full effect. Will you be continuing on with the series?

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