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Hey guys! If you’re all wondering where I went, I’m here to tell you just that! I joined up with The Not-So-Literary-Heiresses where you’ll find some reviews and discussions from me, as well as from three fabulous people. I am also still co-blogging at Fluffy Reads, if anyone remembers that blog. 😛

 Fluffy Reads

P.S. To everyone who commented on my past posts here, I love you all. You guys are the sweetest! I’m not sure if I’ll be back here to reply to comments so if anyone wants to reach me then please do tweet me @francinesoleil


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Taking the week off

Well the title explains it all, I think. I need a break. I’m not sure if I’m taking the full week off yet, but I’m not feeling so well. I’m feverish, and I’m allergic to paracetamol so it takes a while for me to get better. I can barely keep myself up right now.

I’ll try visiting blogs though since I’m way behind on that. I hope I can do that today, but I’m feeling so bleh. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Not sure, but as soon as possible.

I hope you’re all doing well.

Have a great week,

Weekly Wrapup: May 12-17


This week has been quite good to me, I think. Work load was so light. I was so happy about that. 😛 And my week started out really great actually. I was following this blog schedule that I made for myself. And I almost had it. I was two days short – Friday and Saturday. I was supposed to post something, but I wasn’t able to make the posts. I was supposed to accomplish a review book for Friday, which I obviously didn’t do. I actually finished the book Saturday and chose not to review it on the blog because I didn’t like it and opted to just give feedback.

Anyway, the main reason why I got held back was because of Master Chef Season 4. Has anyone seen this TV show? Mum loves cooking shows and she told me to watch the auditions because they were funny. So I did. What I didn’t expect was to get hooked on the whole thing. Seriously. I was so addicted that I watched during most of my free time and I finished the whole season and slept at 6:30am for 2 consecutive days. I’m not even sorry. 😛

Oh, and I also signed up for a Spotify account and downloaded Fun’s album, Some Nights. I’m addicted to their upbeat songs for some reason. I plan to utilize its other features to search music, but haven’t done it yet. Soon. 😛

And for the first time ever, I tried to cook! Haha! I wasn’t very successful, but it was a pretty good attempt, I think. XD This is what I got for watching Master Chef for hours.

Moving on…

Blog Posts:

And I started late with The Way of Kings Read-a-long by The Social Potato but I was able to catch up. Huzzah! Click on the banner for details. Find it on Twitter: #WayOfKingsRA



What about you? How was your week?

I’ve been a bad reader lately that I should really change this signature, but I’m lazy so whatever… Haha


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ARC Book Review: Burning Gold by Clea Calloway

burning gold

Click on the image to open the book’s Goodreads page

Title: Burning Gold
Author: Clea Calloway
Publication Date: May 9, 2014
Publisher: Createspace/Clea Calloway
Series: N/A
Format: ebook
Acquisition: from the author

Purchase at: Amazon ll Barnes & Noble

This is a story of family, love and loss.  It takes a look at a strong young woman, Jennifer Ann, and her journey in life.  As a small child life was idyllic. Then, through her teens, things unravel when horrific and tragic events occur, leaving her in a new home in a new school and with new rules. With the help of her family she gains some control again in her life and finds her tremendous gift as an artist.  When the handsome Ashton Holt Parker, Jr. enters her life she knows that love and happiness could be hers — if he doesn’t discover her secret and her lies from her dark past.

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Cover Reveal: Forever Kinda Love by Clara Stone


Title: Forever Kinda Love
Author: Clara Stone
Release date: August 15th, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Mature Young Adult
Cover Design: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design & Photography

Ebook will be available at: Kindle | Nook | Kobo |Smashwords |Paperback


Life’s. Little. Surprises.

The last thing seven-year-old Carrigan “Ace” Casper foresaw was an eight-year-old Heath Lovelly walking into her life the day her mother died. From that moment on, Heath sticks by her side, slowly becoming her strength, her confidant, and her entire world. What she doesn’t know is, she’s his saving grace, too.

Ten years later, Ace is handed another crippling challenge that threatens everything in her almost perfect life. Only, this time, she doesn’t turn to Heath, hiding the truth instead. But Heath knows Ace too well and won’t back down easily. He’s ready to do whatever it takes and will stay by her side until she accepts that their love is the kinda love worth fighting for.

Will he be her forever triumph or her unexpected downfall?

Two lives.

One story.

And an unexpected journey to falling in love.

About the Author:

_MG_3750-1Priya Kanaparti lives in the beautiful city of Boise, ID. Unlike what most believe about Idaho, it’s more than a sack full of potatoes. When she’s not writing, you’ll catch Priya reading YA and NA books, mostly romance, and enjoying time with her family. She is a proud CW TV addict.

She also write Mature YA and New Adult romance under the name Clara Stone. She is published through Reuts Publications.

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Book Review: Oracle of Philadelphia by Elizabeth Corrigan

Click on the image to open the book's Goodreads page

Click on the image to open the book’s Goodreads page

recommendedTitle: Oracle of Philadelphia
Author: Elizabeth Corrigan
Publication Date: March 20, 2013
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing
Series: Earthbound Angel #1
Format: ebook
Acquisition: from the author/publisher

Purchase at: Amazon ll Barnes & Noble ll Kobo

Carrie works at a diner in South Philadelphia, dispensing advice to humans and angels wise enough to seek her counsel. But there are some problems that even the best advice can’t solve.
Her latest supplicant, Sebastian, is unique among those who have sought her aid. He sold his soul to a demon in exchange for his sister’s life, but his heart remains pure.
Carrie has lived for millennia with the knowledge that her immortality is due to the suffering of others, and she cannot bear to see another good man damned when it is within her power to prevent it.
In order to renegotiate his contract, Carrie must travel into the depths of hell and parley with the demons that control its pathways. As the cost of her journey rises, Carrie must determine how much she is willing to sacrifice to save one good soul.

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Weekly Wrapup: May 1-10


This isn’t even happening weekly anymore. XD But I wanted to do one because the start of May has been quite great for me so far. I haven’t really read a lot of YA novels though. I mostly read manga. I finished one whole series – Kaichou wa Maid-Sama. I read Scan by Walter Jury and S.E. Fine and I finally finished Hollow City by Ransom Riggs after spending weeks with it. For me, it’s not a good sign when it takes me weeks to finish a book. And I also TRIED to read Will the Real Abi Saunders Please Stand Up? by Sara Hantz but I couldn’t finish it. I chose to post my review on Goodreads only. But apart from that. I got so many awesome things this week:


Did the highlight make it worse? XD But yeah. That’s name!! My name’s going to be in a book by one of my favorite authors. I am so so excited about that. Although I think release date for that one won’t be until next year because the first book is releasing late this year. Actually, my name is also in Falling From the Sky by Nikki Godwin in the acknowledgments part. 😛


I won something! I haven’t received it yet though. Next week, I think. Anyway. Orenda by Ruth Silver has such a gorgeous cover. It was made by another beloved author, Erica Crouch. I want it mostly for the cover, but I’ve heard good things about the book too so I’ll read that soon.


Did you see the $0.31 sale for Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry? That one was insane. This book has been so popular but I had never gotten a copy. And then it went on sale when my card didn’t have any money on it so I tweeted and one of my favorite authors, Nikki Godwin, sent me one as a gift. She is just the sweetest. I love her. I feel so blessed.

Oh, and I went BOWLING! I love bowling. I’m not that good but I find it really fun.

So yeah. That’s pretty much it.

Blog Posts:

Oh, I joined The Way of Kings Read-a-long hosted by The Social Potato. Just click on the banner for more details. And the Amazon Kindle edition of the book is only $2.99 for US or some other countries and $4.99 for most international countries!



I want to thank everyone who visited and commented on the blog. Even the likes are well-appreciated. I’m mostly grateful for the people who commented on The Grief of Cliffhangers because I had so much fun doing it and I’m so happy a lot of people liked it and related to it. I hope the following weeks will also be awesome. What about you? How was your week?


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