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October is Over~ (Tours, Read-a-thon, Book Buys + Kindle Sale, and October Winner)

Oh where oh where did my October go~ Oh where oh where~

Time flew by so fast. How did that happen? The last two weeks of my October had been quite unproductive in terms of reading and blogging. I had so many empty days~ BUT, but there is a reason for that. I think.

I have 8 blog tours to take care of in November, mostly because they needed more bloggers and I’m Abnegation and I couldn’t say no. Oh, and I’m hosting one because I love the author – Mara by Veronica Bane. Please do join that one if you have the time. Pretty please with cherries on top? I still need a couple more bloggers, and I promise it’s a book that I personally recommend and it’s short too so it will only take a short piece of your time.


Also, I’ve been busy with a read-a-thon that I will be co-hosting with Books Keep Me Sane. You’ll see a lot of sign up posts from me throughout the month of November. Please don’t hate me. And please join. we have so many awesome sponsors and prizes~


I didn’t buy a lot of books this month for a lot of reasons (mainly lack of space and funds), but I got these:

2013-10-31 03.02.34

On Kindle, these were on sale when I purchased them. Not sure how long the sale lasts so maybe you can check that out (I linked them to Amazon):

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Also, I got addicted to listening to music and watching random videos online. Teehee~ But overall, I think I accomplished enough in October. I was able to write a couple of reviews and other posts. I also read some awesome books. I also was able to check out a couple of blogs too so that was really great.

Lastly, the winner for October’s Giveaway is:

That’s all~ Thanks to everyone who was with me throughout October and I hope to see y’all in November.


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