Bookish Benefaction


Bookish Benefaction: where I randomly give away hardbacks, paperbacks, bookmarks, or other bookish things to people who sign up

I know how a lot of people like receiving things, and I want to contribute to all the giving. I don’t really have much, but I am very much willing to send out gifts to all the bookish people out there. This is not like a giveaway where there are deadlines or set prizes. Think of this more like a secret santa. This is open INTERNATIONALLY, but gifts may vary depending on location due to the shipping fees and such.

What can you expect to receive? Anything bookish~ It can be book merchandise, bookmarks, trinkets, notebooks, posters, paperbacks, etc.

This is a no-pressure thing so please do not expect to get contacted right after you sign up. Gifts will be given away at random intervals. Besides, surprises are half the fun, right? 🙂

So there~ Just click on the banner to see the sign up form. There are only two questions so no worries. See? No hassle and you get surprises~

Oh, and look, I already gave out some stuff:

P.S. If you are willing to donate whatever, feel free to contact me~


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